Spinning The Headlines: Draft, Ambitious Chiefs WR, Watson, & More

Every week in Spinning the Headlines, we will take some of the top stories in the NFL, break them down, and give you our opinion on those topics. So without further ado, Let’s Spin the Headlines!

The 2021 NFL Draft

Of course, this topic is at the top—every expert is trying to figure out which team will make the bigger move. Every fan wondering who their team will pick and praying that pick will be the next NFL superstar. Although, at this moment, the biggest move is by the San Francisco 49ers, trading up from the #12 pick to the third pick overall. One would assume that the goal is to take a young QB.

The latest news says the 49ers brass will be in attendance at Justin Fields’ second Pro-Day. Could we have another Alex Smith, Patrick Mahomes situation? With the questions that have been raised about Jimmy Garoppolo, one would think that would be the case. There will still be several top quarterback picks for them to choose from.

The draft month is a great time in the NFL; everyone speculating on all 32 teams. Some are saying the Patriots trade up to the fourth overall pick to take a QB. That would be a very un-Patriot-like move, but stranger things have happened. There is also talk of a sixth QB going in the first round. Davis Mills from Stanford is creating a buzz around the league. Where could he land?

We all know how the NFL works. However, if these young QBs going on to have great careers, the 2021 QB draft class could be ranked at the top. The chances of being very slim in today’s NFL always seem to be more and more busts, especially at the QB position.

Chiefs Robinson eyes 1,000 receiving yards and 10 Touchdowns.

Not only is the Kansas City Chiefs’ front office making moves this offseason, but the Chiefs’ players are also looking to make moves on the field in the upcoming 2021 NFL season. Newly re-signed WR Demarcus Robinson boasts he is ready to “Put up 1,000 receiving yards and 10 TDs!”

With Sammy Watkins signing in Baltimore, the number two receiver spot is completely up for grabs. Of course, Tyreek Hill holds the number one spot, but Robinson is perfectly capable of filling that second wideout role. That being said, he will have to contend with other Chiefs receivers Mecole Hardman, Byron Pringle, and Marcus Kemp. Robinson’s boast may be hard to reach when you throw TE Travis Kelce into the receiving mix as well and don’t forget about Clyde Edwards-Helaire coming out of the backfield. It is nice to see some fire in the Kansas City receiving corps.

Richard Sherman expects to wait until after the NFL Draft to land a job.

With salary caps being squashed all over the league, it stands to reason that teams are waiting until after the Draft before looking to an 11-year veteran cornerback like Sherman. Teams are looking to pinch every penny they can and would much rather sign a rookie contract instead of the hefty payday Sherman would be expecting. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen.

Would Sherman be willing to take less and play for a Superbowl contender? At 33 years old, Sherman still seems to match up well with the receivers on the offensive side of the ball. However, one can say that he is losing a step to the younger players that he is trying to cover. There is truly no real doubt Sherman will sign before the 2021 season, to what team and for how much? That discussion will go on for a bit longer.

Deshaun Watson

Right now, you cannot look anywhere in the NFL Headlines without seeing this. Being accused by 22 women in civil lawsuits of sexual abuse and misconduct during massage sessions. This weighs so much in the headlines. Although no criminal charges have been filed at this time, the Houston Police Department stated they are investigating Watson after a complainant had filed a report with them.

When Watson stated he wanted out of Houston, the biggest question on everyone’s mind was “Where will he land?”, now the question is, “Will he ever play again?”. The short answer would be yes. He will more than likely suit up again, but most definitely for another team. In the past, the NFL has allowed players to continue playing, even with allegations such as this.

There will be a punishment. After that is served, the player will be able to play again. However, with so many cases coming to light, this one might be more severe. Again, no criminal charges have been filed! However, in the court of public opinion, Watson is already paying the price for his accused actions.


Nike has suspended endorsements with the quarterback, stating they are “deeply concerned by the disturbing allegations!” and it doesn’t stop there. Reliant Energy confirmed they would not work with Watson in the future. Furthermore, Beats by Dre is reportedly parting ways with the quarterback as well. With both the Houston Texans and the NFL stating they will “closely” follow the situation, more repercussions are more than likely on the way.

Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, has called the allegations “meritless” and question the claims against his client. Some of the allegations may be just that. However, with 22 allegations, one would think some of them would have to have merit. It’s just the law of averages, isn’t it?

The more claims involved, the greater chance some of them are true. Even if the allegations are true, and Watson even serves possible jail time. After restitution is paid, chances are Watson will suit up and play again. Right, wrong, or otherwise, that seems to be the way of the NFL.

However, will other teams take a chance on him in their city? With the talent Watson possesses, the chances are great that a team will. We will see what else comes of this situation.

Thank You for spinning the headlines with us. Each week we will continue to spin top headlines in the NFL. I look forward to seeing you each and every week.

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