Sports Betting Picks For July 1st

Hey everyone, Sam here with another day of sports betting picks. I did so much better with baseball bets yesterday (12-11). Yes, I know it is barely breaking even, but after our cold first day, I’ll take it. The records yesterday were 1-1 in NHL Stanley Cup Finals, 2-0 in NBA, and 12-11 in MLB. Overall, I was 15-12 yesterday. So definitely not a painful day.

I mentioned yesterday that “it is a marathon, not a sprint.” Many of you may not have understood that. You want to not be concerned about a day’s record because that would be a sprint.

We’re interested in how we do over a week or a month or a quarter or a year. That’s why it is so important to make sure you don’t bet more than you can afford to lose in a month. I plan on discussing bankroll management in an article soon.

You don’t have to bet every pick I talk about, and you don’t need to bet a lot of money on picks to make the game more exciting. I do believe in volume betting which why I’m telling you all the bets I’m making.

Just remember if you think that you have a problem or someone close to you thinks you have a gambling problem, then please stop and call 1-800-GAMBLER. Answer their questions honestly, so they can get you the appropriate referrals along with help, support, and guidance. Now, let’s get to our picks.

Disclaimer: We are not financial advisers, this is not financial advice. Bet at your own risk.


Game: 8:30 Atlanta at Milwaukee (Series is tied at 2-2)

Bet: Atlanta (+2) (-110) and Under 215.5 pts(-110)


Game: 9:30 Portland at Austin FC

Bet: Austin FC ML (+110) and Over 1.5 goals (+165)


Game: 1:05 LA Angels vs NY Yankees

Bet: NY Yankees (-1.5 on the Run Line) (+105) and Under 10 (-110)

Game: 1:07 Seattle vs Toronto

Bet: Toronto (-1.5 on the Run Line) (-110) and Under 9.5 (-110)

Games: 1:10 Kansas City vs Boston

Bet: Boston (-1.5 on the Run Line) (-118) and Under 10 (-108)

Game: 2:10 Minnesota vs Chicago White Sox

Bet: Chicago White Sox ML (-140) and Over 8 (-120)

Game: 3:37 Texas vs Oakland

Bet: Oakland (-1.5 on the Run Line) (+110) and Under 8 (-115)

Game: 6:05 Miami vs Philly

Bet: Miami ML (+110) and Over 8 (-115)

Game: 7:05 Milwaukee vs Pittsburgh

Bet: Pittsburgh (+1.5 on the Reverse Run Line) (+120) and Under 8 (-115)

Games 7:05 LA Dodgers vs Washington

Bet: LA Dodgers ML (-140) and Under 9.5 (-120)

Games: 7:10 Houston vs Cleveland

Bet: Cleveland ML (-155) and Over 8.5 (-115)

Game: 7:10 San Diego vs Cincinnati

Bet: San Diego ML (-110) and Under 9 (-105)

Game: 7:20 NY Mets vs Atlanta

Bet: Atlanta ML (+145) and Over 6.5 (-115)

Game: 8:40 St. Louis vs Colorado

Bet: Colorado ML (+115) and Under 11.5 (-115)

Game: 9:40 San Francisco vs Arizona

Bet: San Francisco (-1.5 on the Run Line) (+115) and Under 9 (-115)

Remember, these are just opinions and should be used as fun to get more into the games. Write below to say what you think and what future games/matches you want to see.

Plus, where can you go to get this many picks for free? Most give you three to four picks; we just gave you 30 researched picks. Check back with us to see how we did. Good Luck! I’ll talk to you soon and see you down the road.