Sports Betting Tips

Hey everyone, this is Sam and I’m a sports fanatic. Sometimes (meaning every day) I bet on different sports and not just for my podcast, Daily Sports Betting Overtime. I’ve found that it makes a game that I’m not super interested in a lot more interesting and I might even watch it.

One lady wrote me an email and said she bets a dollar on games that she thinks her husband might watch. Just a dollar gives her someone to root for and ask her husband about different things. She said that her husband loves it because she is spending time with him. No matter what your second reason is, of course, the primary reason to bet is to win money on the games. That’s what this article is all about. Just some little tips I give a new bettor or remind a bettor on a cold streak.

More and more states are passing sports betting, so you can bet at a local casino or on an online sportsbook. I was extremely happy when the Supreme Court ruled that sports betting was legal. The only problem is that different states have different rules and different sportsbooks. So to give you the best shot at winning know your state’s rules and follow some of these tips.

Do You Need The Handicapping Experts?

Sports betting can be extremely hard, especially when you don’t have all day to crunch numbers. It is a hobby where 57% or higher is considered very good. However, it’s not impossible to win money. Some websites will break down a certain game. Also, many podcasts give you free advice on three or four games a day. Just verify the credentials of who you are reading or listening to. Please don’t feel like you should have to pay $100 to get an expert’s opinion. There are too many people giving out good advice for free.

Choose Your Bankroll Very Carefully and Watch Your Units

A bankroll is how much money you can afford to lose in a month without it affecting any of your bills. If your limit is $100 then that is what your bankroll is. Don’t ever be embarrassed about how much you can afford. It isn’t anyone’s business. Not everyone is betting $1000 a game especially if they are betting on eight NFL games on a Sunday. Like I said above, you can bet a dollar. The sportsbooks will take any amount of your money. After you determine what your bankroll is then most people will tell you 5% will be your unit size. I advise most new bettors to divide their bankroll for the month by four. This is your weekly bankroll. Then you should figure out how many games you will be betting on for the week or per day. This is your unit size.


So many bettors hit a hot streak and want to triple their units bet. I caution you not to do this because eventually, you will hit a cold streak and lose your bankroll quickly. Also, don’t try to “catch up” by betting double your units. Remember, sports betting is a marathon, not a sprint. It is about winning the month or the year. Also, many are used to going on a cold streak with DFS, so they switch everything up. Don’t do this with your sports betting. You can focus your efforts or sharpen your research, but don’t totally switch up your style. It is liable to be worse in the long run, especially if you switch back when you hit a cold streak with your new method.

Check Injury Reports Before You Bet

So many new bettors made this mistake just a couple of weeks ago when the NBA started resting their stars, doing load management, or were allowing them to get over minor injuries. A lot of sports bettors think they know everything about certain sports or even all sports. This doesn’t mean you win all the time because things happen like injuries. Do you always know about a minor injury to a second-line hockey attacker? However, all the sportsbooks will take that under consideration when setting the lines. So you do need to know information that may affect your bet.

Don’t Make A Bet Just Because You Are Watching the Game Or Your Friends Are Betting On It

Many want to bet on the games they will be watching because it is always more fun to watch a game that you have money on. Of course, until you start losing then you will get upset because maybe you didn’t research it or just wanted to bet on “your” team. I can promise you that you can’t just coast into picking winners day after day or week after week. Make sure before you put your money down on your favorite team, do your research.

Don’t Act On One Piece of Information You That You Get From A Friend

Some of your friends may have good information but don’t automatically think they did the research to find it out. You may use their information along with your own research. Don’t be surprised if you find out that their information isn’t the way you want or need to bet.

I Always Say Don’t Bet A Parlay

Parlays are big risks especially the more games/matches involved. Risks, when they cash, are awesome, but they don’t have a high cash rate. To win you need some luck on your side. I will say however that eventually, you will probably hit one. The question is…can you afford to wait for it to hit? Personally, I try to not play them, and if I do, I don’t bet more than three legs.

Please Don’t Let Sports Betting Ruin Your Love of Sports

Don’t allow betting to put so much pressure on you that watching or attending sports isn’t fun anymore. Plus, if you are under pressure it could affect how you bet. So just relax and remember about bankroll management. Don’t bet any more money than you can afford. Enjoy all of your research and what you learn about different teams. You have to remember that you are going to win some and lose some. Your love of sports should always come first.

I hope you have learned and enjoyed this article. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you are betting on. You can write to me on Twitter @Sam4413 or at Or you can listen to my podcast, Daily Sports Betting Overtime on most major platforms. Tell me your thoughts on these tips and add your tips in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you. I’ll talk to you soon and I’ll see you down the road.