Start Justin Fields Or We Riot

Start Justin Fields Or We Riot

Justin Fields got his first career win as an NFL starter in the Bear’s 24-14 win over the Lions on Sunday but when his next start will be is unknown.

Without watching the game Fields’ numbers aren’t going to make anybody’s jaw drop, but some of his throws very well could. Fields completed five passes for 15 yards or more, including some absolute dimes downfield to Darnell Mooney.

The Bear’s rookie ended the contest completing 11 out of 17 attempts for 209 yards and one interception.

Mooney, who has been held back as a serious deep ball threat while under Matt Nagy’s offense, was finally able to utilize his speed downfield. The second-year receiver out of Tulane had a game-high 125 yards on five catches. His first 100-yard game in the NFL.

Chicago’s offense looked night-and-day compared to a week ago in Cleveland. Bears’ fans didn’t know what to expect entering week four after Nagy wouldn’t reveal who would be calling plays for some odd reason.

Nagy would go on to disclose that offensive coordinator Bill Lazor had taken over the play calling following the win in a very roundabout way.

“In regards to the play calling, Bill did a great job, and I think that at the same point in time, it’s important that we understand that I had to — I felt good out there as a head coach, and that’s real,” Nagy said following the game. “But we all get together. We talk through how we’re going to call the game, and we do that when I’m calling plays, too.

Thanks for the heads up, but it was pretty obvious as the game started and the offense was no longer incoherent. Chicago established the run early with David Montgomery and stayed run-heavy which allowed all of the open shots downfield. Granted, the Browns are a much better team than the Lions currently are and that’s no secret. There was still a very noticeable difference watching the offense operate against Detroit.

The Bears put up season-highs in both total yards (373) and points (24) in Lazor’s first shot at calling plays this year. Neither of those might not sound great, but it is for sure a step in the right direction. Through the first three games of the season under Nagy’s play calling, Chicago’s offense was historically bad. Entering week four, the Bear’s averaged a league-worst 191.7 yards per game and scored a grand total of two touchdowns on offense.

Compare that to three touchdowns in the first three quarter against the Lions and yeah it seems pretty good.

A lot of Fields’ success downfield is partially owed to running back David Montgomery and getting the ground game established. The one bright spot entering the game for Chicago’s offense, Montgomery, rushed for 106 yards and two scores.

Montgomery however left the game in the third quarter with a knee injury. The details of the injury are still uncertain but immediate results showed no severe damage.

It is very obvious what Nagy needs to do to have any hope moving forward. Start Justin Fields and stay out of his own way. I say that it’s obvious but to some (Matt Nagy), the starting quarterback position is still an uncertainty.

When Nagy met with the press Monday morning, he announced Dalton was still the QB1 when healthy. Whether or not Dalton will be good to go against the Raiders next week won’t be known until Wednesday.

At this point, I think the only person in the world who thinks this is the right decision is Nagy. Fields made several throws deep downfield on Sunday that Dalton at his peak couldn’t even think about trying. On top of that, Fields’ athletic ability can really come in handy when extending plays. It’s really not a knock on Dalton as much as it’s just Fields’ time.

I truly can’t sit here and think of even ONE good reason why Dalton should start over Fields.

Alec Runyan

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