Stephen Curry Is Playing Better Than Ever Before

Curry’s month to remember 

On Sunday, the Golden State Warriors battled the Kings at Oracle. At the eight-minute mark of the first quarter, Steph Curry picked up the ball over half-court with three seconds left on the shot clock and shot it. Without a surprise, yes, he made it. These types of plays he makes daily have fans buzzing on the profound excellence that Curry has put throughout the season.

Without Thompson and a young Warriors team, Curry had to step up his game for the Warriors to have a chance at making the playoffs. His Month alone was one of his best. A lot of extensive records he’s shattered. For one, he surpassed Wilt with the franchise record against the Nuggets. And for two, he broke James Harden’s record for most threes in a month with 85. The crazy part is that the Warriors still have two games left. We will see how far he takes the record with games against Mavericks and Timberwolves left. 

For April, Steph Curry averaged 38.1 points per game, 6.5 rebounds, and 4.5 assists. He was spectacular in doing so, shooting closely 50% from the field, 40% 3-point-percentage, and 90% from the free-throw line. From what I saw, what’s impressive to me is the 7-3 record of the Warriors on the last ten.

A lot of players in this league are capable of doing godlike numbers offensively. But one aspect that makes the difference is could those numbers translate to wins. Since returning from his tailbone injury, it has been precisely for Curry with the Warriors over .500 as we get nearer to the playoffs.

MVP Chances

In a recent interview on the Rex Chapman show, Curry was asked about his MVP chances this season:

I mean, I gotta be,… gotta be. I probably won’t get it, but whatever.

His statement makes an interesting debate around Curry’s MVP status this season. If by numbers alone, he should be one of the ongoing conversations to be top on the list this year. However, the majority of the consensus is inclined to Jokic as this year’s MVP.

Comparing his 2016 campaign, Curry has averaged more points, more rebounds, and more minor fouls than what he had five years back. Also, his efficiency isn’t too far off from the season he had previously. We should take note that defenses are eyeing on him more with the absence of Thompson. This reason alone could make a solid argument that the way he’s playing this season is impressive than his past MVP campaigns. 

His challenges

A lot is at stake is in Curry’s hands right now. It was just early this month when the Warriors were four games below .500. But with the record they have now, Curry’s return was a game-changer as the Warriors are making a last-second push to the play-in. We know the last thing Curry wants to have this season is to miss the playoffs with his legacy and competitive spirit. It serves as a treat to us NBA fans to soak up everything he does and enjoy every three-point bomb he makes every game he plays.