Stephon Gilmore A No-Show At Mini-Camp; Is This The End Of His Patriots’ Stint?

Stephon Gilmore A No-Show At Mini-Camp; Is This The End Of His Patriots’ Stint?

Stephon Gilmore’s unhappy; the Patriots need to profit.

Another domino has fallen in Foxboro. 

Stephon Gilmore skipped the Patriots’ mini-camp a week ago, even planning to miss all of the mini-camp due to a contract dispute. Trade discussions have floated throughout the offseason, dating back to a year ago. It’s time for the next chapter in Gilmore’s career. 

The Patriots showed the league that one season under .500 does not mean it’s to rebuild. It’s time to reload.

It pains me to write these words, but it needs to be said. Trading Stephon Gilmore is a better move for the franchise rather than having him suit up. Many teams would love to rent Gilmore for a season en route to a Super Bowl. 

A few teams pop into mind that could use Gilmore this season. Here they are, 

Detroit Lions

Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell implemented a culture change on their first day of work. They want players who have a chip on their shoulders with something to prove. Gilmore fits the description. 

The Lions allowed the most yards in the NFL a season ago. Rookie Jeff Okudahe disappointed fans with his lack of production. Desmond Trufant and Duron Harmon fell short of expectations too. Swiss cheese has fewer holes than their pass coverage. 

Gilmore gives Detroit a much-needed boost during the reloading process. Holmes’ best offer must include a second-round pick paired with a future fourth-round selection. The Lions need a star; the Patriots need draft capital. 

Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow breathes new life into an almost dormant franchise. The Bengals drafted his former WR1, Jamar Chase, in the draft. They gave him protection by drafting Jackson Carmen, OT from Clemson. It’s time to help him out on the other side of the ball. 

Dre Kirkpatrick improves their pass coverage, but there is still a missing piece. Teams have begun to stack their WR duos. Cincinnati needs a home run to fall on their lap. Gilmore’s absence at mini-camp should be the signal. 

Gilmore suiting up for Cincinnati gives them a significant improvement at the position. Gilmore covering the opposing WR1 allows Kirkpatrick to take advantage of a matchup and break out. Two second-round picks and a third should be the key to shipping Gilmore out of Boston.   

Seattle Seahawks

With one trade, the Seahawks shoot up the list of potential Super Bowl contenders. Russell Wilson has yet to skip a beat leading the offense, but his defense refuses to stop the pass. The Seahawks allowed the second-most passing yards in 2020. Jamaal Adams missed most of the season with a nagging injury.

The idea of Gilmore and Jamaal Adams lining up together should strike fear into opposing quarterbacks. Gilmore’s incredible ballhawk skills mix well with Adams shut down, smash-mouth style of play. The duo takes the pressure off the defensive line, allowing them to sneak in the backfield to make the play.

The Seahawks dealing a 2022 third & fourth-round pick, a 2023 second-round pick should entice Belichick enough to pull the trigger.  

Los Angeles Rams

Staying with the NFC West, The Rams make for an ideal landing spot. Their defense may have the best cornerback in the league with Jalen Ramsey, but what if they could have the best cornerback duo? 

The idea of Ramsey and Gilmore lining up side by side with Aaron Donald rushing the QB gives me chills. It seems like a cheat code; even Ramsey believes so. 

The Rams know how to deal with draft picks for top talent. Their two fourth-round picks and a third-round pick in 2022 are a great place to start the bargaining process. I believe he should go for at least a second-round pick, but Julio Jones just recently was sent for only a second-round pick. The scale is a bit lopsided. 

Wherever Gilmore plays in 2021, he will be a difference-maker. His ability to anticipate the receiver’s next move and read the QB’s eyes separates him from the rest of the league. It will not be long before we hear teams reaching out to New England about the former Defensive Player of the Year.

It’s a shame to see Gilmore with a foot out the door, but the show must go on. New faces bring new beginnings for this historic franchise.

Pat Pitts

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