Sting Is All Elite Wrestling!

Spoilers Ahead!

On Dec. 2, 2020, AEW Dynamite Winter is Coming was truly Dynamite! From start to finish the show exploded.

A huge over the top rope Battle Royal started things off! Bodies were literally flying everywhere and continued to fly over the top rope until we were left with the two final survivors, MJF and Orange Cassidy, and they will square off next Wednesday, Dec. 9th for the Dynamite Diamond Ring!

Chris Jericho defeated Frankie Kazarian of SCU, with the “Judas Effect” elbow in a really well-wrestled match.

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D submitted Leyla Hirsch with the “Lock Jaw” submission move, after getting assistance from outside the ring.

A new AEW World Champion was crowned after Kenny Omega defeated Jon Moxley! Omega pinned Moxley after Don Callis from Impact Wrestling, who was a guest commentator, distracted the ref, tossing the microphone into the ring,

Omega hit Moxley with the mic, then proceeded to hit four “V-Trigger” knees, followed by the “One-Winged Angel” for the win! Omega and Callis sprinted from the ring heading out of the arena, as they started to jump into the waiting SUV, they were asked what was going on to which Don Callis replied, “You’ll find out this Tuesday on Impact Wrestling on AXS TV!” Could a merger between AEW and Impact Wrestling be in the works? Let’s tune in Tuesday night and find out!!

The highlight of a great card, for me, came after a great match, where Cody Rhodes and TNT Champ Darby Allin, with Arn Anderson, faced off against Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs with Taz. It was a very entertaining, back, and fourth match, with both teams having their time to shine. Allin picked up the victory for his team after hitting the “Coffin Drop” from the top rope and pinning Stark for the three count!

Hobbs and Stark begin to beat down Rhodes, Allin, and Anderson until Dustin Rhodes hit the ring, which prompted Brian Cage to get involved, to tilt the scales back in favor of Team Taz.

Then the lights went out!

The whole arena was pitch black, music hit, it began to snow, and at the top of the ramp, a figure appeared!

It was the Icon Sting!

With his trademark black and white face paint, wearing his black overcoat, and an awesome new AEW Sting shirt (which I will own). I was struck by a major case of the chills and a never-ending smile!

Team Taz bailed through the ropes as Sting made his way to the ring, he reached into his coat, brandishing another trademark, his black baseball bat. He entered the ring, walked up to Arn Anderson, which literally doubled my chills, these two have had some great matches!

He continued locking eyes with each person in the ring, Dustin, knelt to look Cody in the eyes, then faced Darby Allin, Allin met the Icon’s stare head-on. Sting then turned to the raucous crowd gave a couple of his signature shouts, and then proceeded to leave the ring!

It has been 18 years since Sting has been on TNT! March 26, 2001, when he defeated “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair on the finale episode of WCW! And now it appears he is back!

I know Sting is way past his prime, you could see that Wednesday night, but, just to have the possibility to see him in the ring again is awesome! After his injury in WWE and his neck surgery, I truly believed his in-ring career was over. I had read his Legends contract with WWE had expired, and I figured he would go ahead, hang up his wrestling boots and retire, but boy was I wrong!

It is going to be a very entertaining ride to see how AEW will use him, as it is confirmed that Sting has signed a multi-year deal, and with a possible merge with Impact Wrestling soon!

It is truly a great time to be a Professional Wrestling fan!