Team USA Loses Two Exhibition Games; Is This Enough To Worry?

Team USA Loses Two Exhibition Games; Is This Enough To Worry?

Team USA Men’s basketball officially began their quest for another Olympic gold medal with two exhibition games. The exhibition games are meant to be like “warm-ups” to help players learn the rules or get reacquainted with the rules.

Team USA has done the exact opposite of looking good in these games as they lost both of them. First, they lost a close game to Nigeria, 90-87. Then, just when the loss to Nigeria seemed to be just a bad night, they lose again to Australia 91-83. So, with this string of losses, is this bad news for the Olympics and Team USA? Let’s check it out.

No, Absolutely Not

Let’s face the facts here people, there is no reason to worry about this year’s USA team. In case you haven’t been following the NBA playoffs, Team USA is still awaiting the addition of Devin Booker, Jrue Holiday, and Kris Middleton. All three of those guys are currently playing in the NBA Finals so I guess you could say, help is on the way. But then again, this team has plenty of talent across the board. With Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard, Bradley Beal, and more, this team will be just fine.

People also need to remember that six of the players for Team USA are entering the Olympics not long after playing in the NBA Playoffs. Yes, these guys are world-class athletes and are the best in the world, but cut them a break at least somewhat.

Is this Olympic team have the same level of dominance as say the 2012 team? I would say no, but to call a team with Durant and Lillard at the helm, non-dominant is a mistake. All I am saying is ease up on this team, they have until the end of July to prepare. By then, they will have a few more talented teammates joining them and the worries will be gone.

Yes, Worry About It

The only reason to worry about the two exhibition losses is quite simple. In recent Olympics, other countries have started to see more NBA players represent them. Australia has been building a team for a while now as well as countries like Serbia and maybe even Nigeria. Many people think those teams have no talent, but Nigeria featured six NBA players the other night.

The Olympics are going to continue to become more competitive for Team USA, but that should not be a bad thing. If Team USA truly features the best team, then go out, and beat these countries featuring other NBA players.

Final Thoughts

The fact that people are worried about Team USA losing games that do not count cracks me up. This year’s team is actually pretty experienced. Cut these guys a break that was in the playoffs only a few weeks ago. Give them time to get used to playing together and time to add the rest of the team.

I can guarantee that the addition of Booker, Middleton, and Holiday will help tremendously. Team USA usually knows how to pick it up, and if losing exhibition games motivates them to do so, then they are in for a good run. Ease up on the slander towards them; they will be fine. I sound like a broken record here with the talent talk, but sheesh, Team USA features plenty, chill out everyone.

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