Teams Who Missed The NFL Playoffs Set To Make A Splash In 2021

The offseason has just begun. Free agency rumors are swirling everywhere. Here is an early look at some of the teams poised to make a splash in the 2021 playoffs:


San Francisco 49ers

One of the most injury-plagued teams in the NFL in the 2020 season. If everyone can get and stay healthy, the 49ers may be set to make a deep run in the playoffs; however, with the rumors flying about a possible QB Jimmy Garoppolo trade, having almost 40 free agents, and a new defensive coordinator. It remains to be seen how big of a splash they can make.

Dallas Cowboys

Suppose QB Dak Prescott has assured himself a sweet payday in Dallas. The Cowboys could be set to make a huge splash in the playoffs. Of course, nothing is solid. The rumor mill is all up in arms about possible Prescott trades and how they aren’t close to a deal. But, putting the franchise tag on Prescott and taking a young QB at pick #10 could be a tasty little nugget to think about.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals were expected to send shockwaves through the playoffs in 2020. Consequently, they came up just short. Not finishing the season very well, losing three of their last five in the home stretch. That being said, with a few key changes and solidifying the kicking game. The Cardinals should be ready to go deep into the playoffs.


Miami Dolphins

Firstly, to finish the season at 10-6 and not make the playoffs has got to be disheartening. However, that should be the best fuel to jumpstart the 2021 season. By the way, they finished the 2020 season.

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The Dolphins are poised to make the biggest splash in the upcoming playoffs. Again, a few key pieces, continuing to build QB Tua Tagovailoa. Giving him what he needs to succeed. Meanwhile, bolstering that defense a bit. A deep playoff run is possible.

Las Vegas Raiders

In short, every year, the NFL experts expect the Raiders to be in the playoff hunt, and every year they fail in those expectations. They finished 8-8 in the 2020 season. Subsequently, losing three of their last 5 games and were on the outside looking in of a wildcard spot.

On the other hand, if they could make a few defensive changes to solidify the back end. The chances of a playoff push are very high.

Los Angeles Chargers

With a strong showing in the home stretch and seemingly in almost every game in the regular season. The Chargers seem to be prepared for a solid playoff run in 2021. They won four of their last five games and finished the season at 7-9. The 2020 ROY QB Justin Herbert has the Charger offense primed for playoff glory. However, with new head coach Brandon Staley taking the reins. A different philosophy may be on the horizon.

In conclusion, every team has a chance to make a splash in the 2021 playoffs. However, for a lot of them, it would be quite a stretch. But, with the free agency running wild and the upcoming 2021 Draft. A few of the teams even have some nice cap space. The excitement of the 2021 season is just getting started.