The Border Fuel Podcast Episode Eight: Le’Veon Bell, Tennessee Titans And The Woes Of Clayton Kershaw

How did the NFL allow this happen? How did the other 31 NFL teams allow the Kansas City Chiefs, the reigning Super Bowl Champions, the teams whose biggest knock on their quarterback is he has too many weapons, get another weapon? Le’veon Bell is headed to Kansas City and gives Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes another piece to play with.

While the move doesn’t help the offensive line and it doesn’t improve the defense, Bell is a successful running back who can play receiver and is great in pass protection. It also takes pressure off of rookie running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire. You can never have too much talent and the Chiefs just added a lot of it.

In the MLB, Clayton Kershaw got shelled in the postseason, AGAIN. It seems to be a yearly discussion on how such a generational talent in the regular season can blow up year after year in the playoffs. Some of it is obviously on Kershaw but the Dodgers ask so much of him. The man had been scratched for game 2 yet was expected to pitch deep into game 4. Those aren’t realistic expectations, and he should have been pulled at the first sign of trouble in the sixth inning. Now the Dodgers are a game away from elimination.