The Border Fuel Podcast: Episode Five – Brown’s Running Game, NBA Conference Championships Decided And Long Droughts

The Browns beat the Bengals 35-30 on Thursday Night and Baker Mayfield played a solid first half. He then struggled in the second-half and would have given the game away had he not had his running game to lean on. Yes, Mayfield and wide reciever Odell Beckham Jr. get a lot of the attention and the Browns seem to want them to be the stars of the team. They should just look at their backfield instead.

Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt are a two-headed monster for the Browns and are both arguably top 10 running backs in the NFL. Chubb had 124 yards on the ground while Hunt added 86 and a receiving touchdown. Relying heavily on them could help take the pressure off Mayfield and open up passing lanes. Sure, it’s not as flashy as some other NFL offenses but there is no shame in handing the ball off 40 times a game if it gives you the best opportunity to win. Hopefully the Browns understand that now.

In the NBA, the Miami Heat have taken a commanding 2-0 lead in the Eastern Conference Championship with both wins being fueled by second-half comebacks. The Celtics have held 12 and 17 point leads respectively and have been unable to win either game. The Celtics still have a chance in this series but that chance took a big hit Thursday night and it happened after the final buzzer sounded.

Celtics guard Marcus Smart could be heard yelling and cursing at his team Thursday night following the loss. Smart left without talking to reporters and teammates downplayed the incident. I think it was incredibly immature for Smart to yell in that fashion, especially in an environment like the bubble where everyone can hear you. It causes tensions, distractions and lets the Heat know that they have you rattled. It makes their already deep hole deeper and is why I think the Heat will continue their winning ways and finish the Celtics off in 5.