Border Fuel Podcast: Episode Four – NFL, NFL And More NFL

The NFL season is finally here as there is a full slate of games scheduled for Sunday.

But first, there was a game Thursday night that featured the reigning Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Houston Texans. Patrick Mahomes vs. DeShaun Watson, should be a good game.


The Chiefs outplayed the Texans in every phase of the game. Outside of a good opening drive for the Texans and a couple late scores, the game was dominated by the Chiefs. It wasn’t even a great game for Patrick Mahomes who had 211 yards passing. He was more of a game manager who threw it short and let his receivers do the work. He made sure his three stars had receiving touchdowns (Hill, Kelce and Watkins) and let his rookie running back do the rest.

LSU product Clyde Ewards-Helaire had a historic debut as he rushed for 138 yards on 25 carries and scored his first touchdown. His best play was on that 27-yard touchdown run as he juked Texans safety Justin Reid and walked into the endzone. If the Chiefs have a running game again, expect 2018 MVP Mahomes a lot more.

For the Texans, it was a tough game. Their new and improved offensive line gave up five sacks and repeatedly gave up pressure on every play. Watson did all he could but it’s difficult to find open receivers when you’re scrambling every play. Watson still made some nice plays and utilized Will Fuller. It just seemed like he could have used another certain receiver out there that is no longer with the team. At least running back David Johnson had a nice Texans debut.

The rest of the NFL will play Sunday and there are some very intriguing matchup’s, highlighted by New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay. It will be exciting to see Tom Brady and Drew Brees square off twice a year, even if it will be a little weird to so see Brady in a different uniform. While I think the Buccaneers are a good team and will be a threat in the playoffs, the Saints are going to overwhelm them this weekend.

The lack of preseason games and practice time this offseason will affect how teams with newer pieces play. While Brady, Gronkowski, McCoy and Fournette are great additions to the offense it may take them awhile to be firing on all cylinders.

Meanwhile, the Saints have Brees, Thomas, Kamara and Sean Payton together for the fourth consecutive year. This will give the Saints a big advantage and will be the main reason the Saints win big on Sunday.