The Border Fuel Podcast: Episode Seven- Old Age, MLB Playoffs And Da Bears

Are the Bears good? After a 20-19 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football the Bears sit at 4-1 and have surprised a lot of people. The quarterback change from Mitch Trubisky to Nick Foles appears to be the correct decision. While the numbers might not always be drastically different, the plays made late in games is. Foles has a knack for making the big plays when needed and we saw that with a great throw on 3 and 11 to put them in position to kick the game winning field goal.

Also, Tom Brady is finally starting to show his age and it’s not with his play, but with his mind. On the final drive of the game, Brady forgot what down it was and made a throw on fourth down that he otherwise would not have. It’s okay Tom, people your age lose track of things.

In baseball, the Division Series are coming to an end as the Rays take on the Yankees to decide who will get to play the cheating Astros in the ALCS. Sorry Tampa fans, but the Yankees have to advance for a couple reasons: The Yankees will get a chance to avenge their 2017 ALCS loss to the Astros and the casual baseball fan will care more if the Yankees are playing than your team.

If the Yankees win, it will make sure baseball as at least one team the nation cares about in the World Series even if it’s for the wrong reasons. That’s leaves the Dodgers and Braves to determine how popular the World Series will be this year. While the Braves have a great fanbase and would not be a bad option, nobody can compete with the Dodgers from a fan perspective. A Dodgers vs Yankees/Astros would be great for ratings and that’s what matters right now.

Braves vs. Rays would warm my heart, but Dodgers vs. Astros/Yankees is what the MLB needs.