The Bruins Are Legit, Give Up The Hate

It must have been fun to hate on the Boston Bruins. The team was struggling to score when the teams were faced with equal strength and frankly did not look up to the task against teams with more speed, skill and desire. Now, the Boston Bruins are leading the difficult East Division and all seems right in the hockey world.

Replacing Star Talent

Hating on the Bruins was the edgy, cool perspective that made many opopular in pre-season hockey circles around the country. How could the Bruins replace an important offensive defenseman in Torey Krug and a franchise savior in Zdeno Chara? Well, the answer is defined in one word; depth.

Jakub Zboril is finally looking like he will live up to his 2015 first round potential for the boys in black and gold. If Zboril succeeds for the B’s, it is simply a slight comfort for that draft. He seems like a good fit, and we will see how long that lasts.

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Divisional Opponents

The Atlantic Division is extremely loaded with controversy. While the high end talent, like the Bruins, Lightning, and Maple Leafs is unmatched, the other teams participating in the division hunt seem like afterthoughts, just simply participating to get a good draft pick and turn around the. franchise.

The East Division is a different animal to say the least. While the Lightning and Maple Leafs are gone, but the Philadelphia Flyers, Washington Capitals, New York Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins all think they are the best team in the division.


The team is currently 9–1–2 and seems to be unstoppable. The depth has been the main cog in this improvement, as guys from all over the lineup are stepping up. Winger David Pastrnak is back, and that improves the high-end talent on the team as well. All of this bodes well for the defending Presidents Trophy winners.