The Dallas Cowboys Hype Train Headed To Nowhere

The Dallas Cowboys Hype Train Headed To Nowhere

As usual, the Dallas Cowboys hype train is right on time, chugging along, creating a commotion over a feat that won’t put one single ‘W’ in the win column. Last week, an eight-second clip was posted of Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb making an “incredible” catch over a teammate during OTA’s.

Is this really what Cowboys nation has been reduced, too? Erupting in joy over a catch that 90% of NFL receivers likely make at least once a week in practice. Really? Yes, the catch was nice, it was pretty, but it doesn’t mean anything in June.

If Lamb mosses defenders in real games this season and it helps lead to a deep playoff run for the Cowboys, that will be something to celebrate. After all, we are talking about an organization that has not advanced past the divisional round of the playoffs since the 1995-96 season.

The Cowboys are swiftly approaching the 30-year mark since their last Super Bowl victory and appearance. Winning with any consistency is one of many things the ‘Boys have lacked since the end of their dynasty in the mid-1990s. The Cowboys have made the playoffs in back-to-back years just two times since the 1998 season. While that sounds hard to believe, inconsistency is the best word to describe this franchise over the past 25 years.

But this is the social media age in which we currently live. Where a routine catch in practice is glorified and made to be a big deal. This is not meant as a slight aimed at Lamb, either. This is aimed more so at the culture of the internet and viral videos. Every little thing done on camera is made to be more than it is. Lamb has probably made catches similar to this before in practices or scrimmages. Surely, this catch wasn’t a big deal to Lamb himself.

There were a few Cowboys fans that balked at the idea of this being some spectacular catch, so not all is lost among the Dallas faithful. So, let’s just slow down with the unwarranted praise. It’s okay to be excited about the team, but let’s not make a play in OTA’s out to be some game-changing moment.

It is just OTA’s, and the season is still three months away. Once this is happening during the regular season and contributing to wins, then come holler at me. Until then, save it.

This Cowboys team is long overdue for some good fortune to befall it. But with Jerry Jones still playing the role of Owner, general manager, judge, jury, and executioner – good fortune and the Cowboys will likely remain an oxymoron well into the foreseeable future.

Criss Partee

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