The Dallas Cowboys Should Sign Brett Favre

The last time we saw Brett Favre on a football field was in 2010. In that season, he started thirteen games, and threw for 2,509 yards, for just 11 touchdowns and 19 interceptions, as he battled multiple injuries. He has thrown for 71,838 passing yards and 508 touchdowns in his career.

His last realistic rumored return to the NFL after retirement was in 2013 when the St. Louis Rams came calling after the team dealt with multiple injuries. He declined.

So why would the Dallas Cowboys want to bring in the gunslinger? And why would the 51-year-old Favre, who’s been out of the league for nine years, decide to come back?

In week 5 of the NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys lost starting quarterback, Dak Prescott to a season-ending injury. The team signed former pro-bowl quarterback, and Cincinnatti Bengals starter, Andy Dalton this offseason for just this reason; but, just one freak accident like what happened in week five, and the Cowboys will have to trot out 7th round pick of this years draft, Ben Dinucci, out of James Madison University.

Both Dinucci and 3rd string QB, Garrett Gilbert hasn’t taken any meaningful snaps in their careers whatsoever. Call me crazy, but I would feel safer with a 51-year-old Favre as my quarterback, than a seventh-round rookie who has only had experience at the FCS level.

So, why would Favre want to return? To play for his favorite team growing up, of course.

Favre dreamed of playing for the Cowboys

Not only would Favre get to suit up for the team he has always dreamed to play for, but he also gets to reunite with Mike McCarthy, who coached him shortly when both of them were in Green Bay. Favre would be much more open to returning to play for a coach he’s familiar with than not. Here is what he said about the Mike McCarthy Hire to Dallas before the season started:

Not only would Favre be playing for a team he’s always dreamed of playing for and reuniting with a former coach, but he would be going to a good situation in Dallas, unlike the Rams when they came calling in 2013. Yes, they’re just 2-3, a disappointing start to the season, but they’re still in first place in their division, with a chance to make the playoffs, and if he had to step in, he would be surrounded by elite offensive weapons, which was not the case in St. Louis way back when.

If Dalton was to go down and Favre was signed as a backup, he’d have Ezekiel Elliot to hand the ball off to, and an elite WR trio of Amari Cooper, Ceedee Lamb, and Michael Gallup. And given his injury history and age, it’s worth noting that even with injuries along the line, that Dallas still ranks third in run blocking, and ninth in pass blocking through week 5 of the NFL season; which would be ideal for Farve.

It’s a match made in heaven. Dallas gets a very good experienced (Hall of Fame) backup that can step in if needed and manage an offense better than the likes of Ben Dinucci. On Farve’s side of the deal, he gets to play for the Dallas Cowboys, which has always been a dream for him. He gets to come into a situation where he knows the Head Coach well, and if needed has an elite offense to work with.

What do you think Cowboy fans? Is Brett Favre worth the call? Would he accept the offer if Jerry came calling? Would the 51-year-old be a better option at QB than 7th round rookie, Dinucci?