The Dallas Cowboys Should Take A Gamble On Isaiah Wilson

The Dallas Cowboys Should Take A Gamble On Isaiah Wilson

After recently coming out with my early 53 man roster for the Dallas Cowboys, I came to the assumption that the team needed to address its depth at the offensive tackle position and stated in it how the team should sign Isaiah Wilson. Check out my 53 man roster prediction here.

Isaiah Wilson was a five-star recruit coming out of high school (Top 5 OT & 16th ranked player nationally) and was viewed as a top prospect coming out of Georgia in the NFL draft as he was selected in the first round by the Tennessee Titans. With all of his off-field issues, he is currently a free agent with nobody in the league considered to be interested in him. Does he deserve a second chance?

Isaiah Wilson’s long off-field issues list involves him trying to jump off of a two-story balcony to avoid the police at a Tennessee State party, being arrested for driving under the influence & crashing into a concrete wall, one of his TWO wrecks since being drafted, and getting suspended for not following “team rules” before ultimately going to Twitter to say he was done being a Titan before the team traded him.

The Miami Dolphins took a gamble on him after all the off-field issues. That’s how good he is. How did he repay them? He showed up late to his physical & orientation and failed to show up to two workouts he previously had committed to attend. He was released shortly after.

So where does that leave him? Well, currently without a team and very slim chances, if any, to play in the NFL ever again. One team however I think should take a cheap gamble on him.

The Dallas Cowboys are that team. The Cowboys have two legitimate starting options at their Tackle spots, but the depth behind them could improve.

Not only that, but Tyron Smith missed practically all of last season due to injury and hasn’t played a full season in FIVE years. Right Tackle La’el Collins isn’t out of the woods either, as he missed last season due to hip surgery, which we don’t know if he ever will play at the same level again because of.

The Cowboys backups? Fourth round Rookie Tackle Josh Ball out of Marshall (Transfer from Florida State), Veteran swing tackle Ty Nsehke & versatile offensive lineman Brandon Knight. In my opinion, those options are not long-term guys for the future of the line, with Josh Ball being potentially the only exception, as I can see him developing into a starting Right Tackle one day.

Isaiah Wilson is a highly talented offensive lineman who, if he rights the ship, can easily push those backups out of a job. If he succeeds on a cheap deal and stays out of trouble, he could very well fill in at right or left tackle if Smith or Collins goes down, or if the team decided to move on from their contracts.

That’s the thing, the Cowboys could get Wilson for CHEAP, as he would be worth the gamble. It’s a very low-cost, low-risk gamble with potentially a high reward. Why would the Cowboys sign Wilson you ask? They’re not afraid of taking on these “Bad Boys”, as they have made a habit of giving second chances. Let me explain!

We can start as soon as 4th round rookie this year in Josh Ball, who honestly might be better than his 4th round draft selection, but I bet many teams took the former 19th ranked offensive tackle off their draft board due to his off-field issues that made him transfer to Marshall from Florida State.

The aforementioned La’el Collins was a first-round talent the Cowboys got a good discount on, as just before the draft, his name was brought up in a double homicide.

Then we have guys like Greg Hardy, Aldon Smith & Rolando McClain just to name a few, so it’s safe to say the Cowboys are comfortable taking risks on talented players.

So what’s your guys’ opinion? I don’t see a problem with the Cowboys signing Wilson to a non-guaranteed contract to see if he can get back on track, as he can step in and be a franchise guy on the right or left side if Smith or Collins is off the team in the near future.

Trenton Corn

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