The Disrespect To Tua Tagovailoa Is Insane!

Tua Tagovailoa; one of the biggest stories heading into 2020. That story is that is he a serviceable quarterback for Miami’s future? While people can have some concerns with him (everyone has their own opinion), some want to take it to extreme levels.

Some “draft experts” had the Dolphins drafting yet another quarterback in this past draft with the sixth pick and trading Tua away while barely giving himself a chance to prove himself. I guess they talk with PFF as they agree with the assumption that Tua isn’t even considered a decent QB, but a bottom tier QB as shown in the Tweet below:

29th… hey, at least Drew Lock isn’t rated higher, or I would be ranting about PFF more than anything. As I stated before, people are entitled to their opinions, but some are taking too far on the past rookie heading into his second year. Fans and analysts alike need to relax and take a chill pill, and here’s why:

The Stats Speak For Themselves

To survive as a quarterback in this league, a quarterback must win games; Tua has done just that with a 6-3 winning record. One of his losses came against the Chiefs, and we all know how good they are; while that is true, Tua put up a show, throwing 28/48 for 316 yards (most in a game that season) and two touchdowns with an interception. That’s solid against a championship-caliber team as a rookie.

His season stats weren’t bad either. In ten games (nine starting), he threw for 1,814 yards, 11 touchdowns, five interceptions, and an 87.1 QB rating. That isn’t bad with what Tua had to work with; besides Parker and Gesicki, their next best “receiver” was Myles Gaskin with 388 yards, and he was a running back that was out with an injury the last half of the season. The next best was Jakeem Grant Sr. with 373 yards.

Also, recall that Allen Hurns and Albert Wilson were on Injury Reserve before the season started. Moreover, Preston Williams only played eight games as well. I’d say that’s pretty good stats for someone with a WR room that was in shambles.

Tua was decent on the ground too, with 36 rushes for 109 yards and three touchdowns; he only fumbled the ball once. With someone swapping out with Fitzpatrick for the starting role, I’d still say he did pretty well last season, just short of a playoff spot.

The Film Speaks Too

I feel like some of these graders never look at film at times; the film tells us a lot about a player, and Tua’s film tells us he’s not the 29th ranked QB in the league.

Tua has an adequate pocket presence as a QB. He was able to evade his fair share of sacks. He has a rare ability to get the ball quickly out of his hands, and that translated into him excelling in first reads throws. He’s also aggressive with his throws, which is a good thing to have; his game vs the Cardinals showed many deep throws, trying to make a big play. This sets defenses up for the long balls and helps Tua stick in short pass situations.

Tua also possesses very good speed and mobility; he’s easily one of the more agile QBs in the NFL. His technique is good as well; he has an adequate spiral when he throws it and he has good hip movement when he throws. He has a special talent that is rare in this league.

These Grades Make My Brain Hurt

Let’s look back at PFF’s lowest-ranked QBs heading into 2021. As I looked through the list, some of the QBs above Tua made me question reality and made me think I was truly blind even with my poor vision. Here are the one’s that made my brain hurt:

Cam Newton:

This has to be a joke; Newton was rated 27th above Tua (29th). In 15 games starting, he had only eight touchdowns and ten interceptions; him having more picks than pass touchdowns should put him in the bottom four alone. However, there is more to this case; Tua also had a better passer rating than Newton (Tua: 87.1; Cam: 82.9), a better W-L average (Tua: 6-3; Cam: 7-8), and passing TD percentage index and interceptions per game percentage index.

While we can talk about Cam’s rushing attributes, he was still a worse QB than Tua this season. There is no way I can see Tua being ranked lower than Newton.

Comparison Sheet I used

Justin Fields:

Explain to me how Fields is already better than Tua, and he hasn’t taken a single snap in the NFL; I just don’t understand it. This isn’t to hate on Fields, but he should be at the bottom because he hasn’t proven anything, and, as I said before, he hasn’t played a single down in the NFL. The same goes for Lawerance as well.

Sam Darnold:

Just how? I’m confused by this on so many levels; besides his atrocious 2-10 record, Tua performed a lot better than Darnold in many key stat lines. These include but are not limited to pass completion percentage, touchdowns, fewer interceptions, QB rating, QBR, every passing index on, and many more. This is ridiculous at this rate.

Comparison Sheet I used


The hate train for Tua has gone too far. As I said in the beginning, people can have their doubts, but some are taking it way too over the ledge. This type of slander has to end soon; hopefully, Tua can silence them next season.

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