The Evolution Of Dominik Mysterio

The Evolution Of Dominik Mysterio

We all remember Eddie Guerrero saying ‘I’m your Papi’ to Rey Mysterio’s young son. Back in 2005, a young Dominik Mysterio was the center of a rivalry between his father and Eddie Guerrero. Eddie believed he was the actual father of Dominik; all boiling down to custody of Dominik ladder match at Summerslam. Skip forward 15 years, and Dominik was in a headline spot once again at a Summerslam, this time competing against Seth Rollins in a No Holds Barred Match. 

Over the last year, Dominik Mysterio has evolved his character and in-ring style to become a vital part of the WWE SmackDown roster. The youngest Mysterio started appearing on WWE television regularly in 2019 as his father begun a storyline with Samoa Joe. He would physically get involved when Brock Lesnar would attack him from the audience. Survivor Series 2019, Dominik would interfere and help his father in his battle against Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. 

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Whilst continuing his training to become a full-time wrestler under the guidance of his coach Lance Storm, Dominik would be on television until he returned to avenge his father, Seth Rollins, and Murphy had extracted the eyeball of the master of the 619 at Extreme Rules. The road to Summerslam would see Dominik take some nasty lashings from a kendo stick. 

In his in-ring debut, Dominik surprised everyone with his mat-based technicality and Lucha Libre-style approach. Working alongside Seth Rollins, he was able to pull off one of the better matches on the show. At PayBack, Dominik teamed with his father against Seth Rollins and Murphy and picked up his first-ever victory.

Working With His Father

Teaming alongside his father is how Mysterio would carry on in WWE. Dominik would participate in his first Royal Rumble in 2021 and while many have speculated that Dominik will be the one to carry on the legacy of his father. Rey, speaking to TalkSport in an interview said how his son has to earn the right to wear the mask. 

Yes, I definitely think he has to earn it. And he’s already gotten a bunch of points from me. I remember the first day I was given, or I had earned the name Rey Mysterio Jr was from my uncle.

I did about three years wrestling as the Hummingbird thinking I would never become Rey Mysterio and then one day my uncle just surprised me and presented me with the mask.

From that moment on, I carried on with the Rey Mysterio legacy. I believe Dominik is on the path to earning the name and earning the mask, which comes with the name.

Dominik Mysterio alongside his father Rey Mysterio

Tag Team Champions

The father and son team tried to win the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships on the special Wrestlemania edition of SmackDown but were unsuccessful. They would later capture the Tag Titles by defeating Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode at Wrestlemania Backlash to become the very first father and son tag champions. Dominik posted on Instagram his delight at winning the championships.”

First, I would like to thank God because none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for him. Second, I’d like to thank VKM for believing in me and giving me this amazing opportunity to create history. Last, but most certainly not least, thank you @619iamlucha for everything you’ve done: all your guidance, your love, and your wisdom, and for showing me how to respect and love this business. I am forever grateful and blessed to call you my dad, and honored to call you my tag team partner! We did it!! Aaaaaannnnnddddd Nnneeeeeeewwwww TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!! 

After winning the championships, Dominik has shown how his confidence and skill level have risen over the last year with stellar performances against The Usos in Tag matches and single matches. The Usos defeated The Mysterios and capture the championships at Money in the Bank ending their reign. 

With their attempts to regain the Tag Titles unsuccessfully, frustration has started to creep in with Dominik. As we move into the second year of Dominik’s career with WWE, it looks like we might see a feud between father and son. It will be an interesting dynamic and compelling storyline if done right. Dominik has evolved over the last year, he is very capable of putting on entertaining matches, and I’m sure one against his father will be entertaining and special. 

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