The Fiend Returns!

*Spoiler Ahead

Those who watched WWE Fastlane on Sunday saw the Fiend return to the ring. Grotesquely burnt and disfigured, but just as menacing. Let’s see what happened!


The final PPV before WrestleMania, Fastlane, was full of great action. However, the highlight for some was the return of the Fiend. The Match was Randy Orton vs. Alexa Bliss. Firstly, Bliss was full of surprises. Flames shooting up from the middle of the ring. Lighting fixtures falling from the ceiling. Finally, shooting yet another fireball at Orton. As Orton recovered, turned to face Bliss, a burnt hand appeared up through the ring and grabbed Orton’s ankle.

Stumbling forward out of the hand’s grip, Orton watches in horror as a grotesquely burnt Fiend rises through the ring. As tension grew, the standoff began. Until Bliss shoved Orton in the Fiend. The Fiend caught Orton in his Sister Abigail finisher. Dropping Orton and allowing Bliss to cover him to pick up the victory. The Fiend and Bliss posed over a fallen Orton until the fade.

The Fiend has returned!


The night after Fastlane, on Monday Night Raw. Orton claimed he would call out the Fiend and put an end to this once and for all. Orton enters the ring carrying a bag. Has a few things to say about the previous night. Finally, demands the Fiend comes to the ring to end this. Bliss appears at the top of the ramp, carrying an eerie-looking box. She warns Orton to be careful what he wishes for. Then proceeds to turn the crank of the jack in the box she is holding. As the jack pops from the box, the lights go out, and the Fiend’s music hits, with the Fiend standing in the ring behind Orton.

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Orton goes for the bag he carried to the ring, revealing a gas can. Cautiously, Orton doused his foe with gas from the can and confidently reached for a wooden match. The Fiend stepped forward to intercede. Subsequently, Orton caught the Fiend with his RKO, laying out his burnt enemy. Bliss attempted to enter the ring. Orton turned to catch her.

As Orton started toward Bliss, the Fiend rose from the mat. When Orton realized what was happening, he turned and charged the Fiend. The Fiend locked in the Mandible Claw submission hold. Then put Orton down once again with Sister Abigail. Bliss then pointed to the WrestleMania sign. Announcing to everyone, the Fiend wants Orton in a showdown on the “Biggest Stage of Them All!”


We knew this was coming. The build-up has a while in the making. Bliss did a great job in her role of reminding Orton and us that “He” was returning. Likewise, we figured it would be before Mania to give us a few weeks of back and forth before the match. As a result, now we will ask, “What is the Match?”, are we going to get another Inferno Match? Hell in a Cell, maybe? Or does the Fiend have something else up his sleeve? Next week on Raw, we should expect Orton to accept the Fiend’s challenge. Then, soon after, we will see what match we get. No matter what, it should be fun to watch.