The Fuel Tank: Is Alvin Kamara Carrying The Saints’ Offense?

Hello, football fans and welcome to the Fuel Tank! In this exciting column, we will be breaking down one of the hottest NFL debate topics and then I will be giving my viewpoint on the topic while breaking down why the opposition is false. Please don’t bash anyone or post any hateful comments as everyone has a right to their own opinion! With that said, let’s jump right into today’s story.

Alvin Kamara had himself a Merry Christmas against the Minnesota Vikings in their Christmas Day win (52-33). On 22 carries, he had 155 rushing yards and six touchdowns, which tied the NFL record for most rushing touchdowns in a game (Ernie Nevers set the record back in 1929). This game proves what Kamara can do on the field, but what about the rest of the offense? Micheal Thomas was out yet again and Bress threw two costly interceptions.

This calls into question if the offense revolves around Kamara this year, and it is. There are many reasons supporting this:

1. If Kamara doesn’t hit 100 total yards, they barely win or lose

This has happened a momentous of times. Against the Chiefs, Kamara had 94 total yards (54 rushing, 40 receiving) in a loss, against the Eagles, he had 94 total yards (50 rushing, 44 receiving) in another loss, and against the Bears when he had 76 total yards (67 rushing, 9 receiving) in 26-23 win and that game shouldn’t have been as close as it was. Kamara has to produce, or else it’ll be a fight till the end or a bitter defeat.

2. He’s the Saints leading receiver

We’ve all heard of tight ends being the team’s leading receiver (ask Travis Kelce or Darren Waller how that is), yet have you ever heard of a running back leading the team in receiving? I certainly haven’t, and this will be the first time as Kamara is achieving just that. He leads the Saints in receiving with 756 yards, and he’s not doing that bad average wise as he’s averaging about nine yards per reception.

Adding on, he also has five receiving touchdowns this season, which is the second-most on the whole Saints roster (1st is Jared Cook with six). Without Kamara, this entire receiving core would dwindle down, and cost them games; also, with the absence of WR Michael Thomas for most of the year, Brees could forget about a receiving core without Kamara.

3. Even if he plays well, the Saints still find ways to lose

The main example in this is their week 3 game versus the Packers. Kamara had a total of 197 yards, with six rush attempts for 58 yards (9.67 yards per run) and 13 catches for 139 yards and two touchdowns. Without Kamara, Brees threw for a total of 147 yards and a touchdown to the rest of the receiving core; without Kamara, that loss would’ve been ten times worse. The same goes for their close wins; without Kamara, some of those games would swing towards the team they beat.

Addressing the other side

For the first time in forever, no one disagrees with this, or from what I’ve seen. Memes are circulating the world from NFL meme pages, Reddit pages, etc about how Kamara is carrying the Saints’ offense, and they’re true. No one disagrees with this assumption whatsoever. As I’ve said before, without Kamara, the Saints’ offense is nothing, and their record would be ten times worse.

What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion. Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic day.