The Fuel Tank: Mahomes Or Rodgers; Who Deserves The MVP This Season?

Hello, football fans and welcome to the Fuel Tank! In this exciting column, we will be breaking down one of the hottest NFL debate topics and then I will be giving my viewpoint on the topic while breaking down why the opposition is false. Please don’t bash anyone or post any hateful comments as everyone has a right to their own opinion! With that said, let’s jump right into today’s story.

At the rate the season is going, the battle for the MVP award is looking like it’ll be between A-a-Ron Rodgers (if you understand that reference, you’re awesome) and the face of the NFL: Patrick Mahomes. If you’re asking where Wilson is, he hasn’t been playing at an MVP caliber as the other two quarterbacks have, so I believe he’s done in the race; however, he can have a dramatic comeback, he could still win it, but not at the pace he’s playing now. Five touchdowns and four interceptions in the past four games aren’t going to cut it in the long run, especially a measly one-touchdown performance against the Eagles of all teams.

It’s between these two outstanding quarterbacks, and it’s been a discussion between columnists Ken Filler (Mahomes) and Garrett Brooks (Rodgers) from this website have discussed; and, I want to throw my two cents into the mix. My pick for MVP is none other than Patrick Mahomes; yes, my Chiefs fan bias is showing; however, there are many reasons why I believe this is true:

1. Stats on top of stats

Besides passing touchdowns, Mahomes beats Rodgers in almost every stat-line this season. Mahomes has more passing yards, fewer interceptions, higher QBR (Mahomes leads the league at 86.1), higher completion percentage, and has more rushing yards and touchdowns than Rodgers does. Mahomes ever leads the league in passing yards per game at 318 yards, which is monstrous and puts him in a caliber of his own. Rodgers is definitely in the top two quarterbacks of the season, however, he can’t beat out Mahomes.

2. The Bucs and the tale of two quarterbacks

The Buccaneers, while I went off on them in one of my first columns, are a playoff team this season IF they can keep everything together; moreover, with their defense’s aid, they were able to expose why Mahomes is the true MVP of the season. When Rodgers faced them in Week 6, he had one of the WORST showings of his career with him throwing for a meager amount of yards at 160, two costly interceptions, a 45% completion percentage, and zero touchdowns. CBS Sports contributor, Cody Benjamin, described:

Aaron Rodgers, an unquestioned MVP candidate coming into this game, was off. And that’s probably an understatement.

MVP caliber players can have poor showings, but you can’t have that terrible of a game against a PLAYOFF quality team. It could be the one reason why Rodgers doesn’t secure it, and I can understand why.

On the other hand, Mahomes torched whatever was the remanence of the Bucs defense last week, with the help of Tyreek Hill. Mahomes threw for 462 yards (the second-largest passing yard game of his career), three touchdowns (all to Hill), a 75.5% completion percentage, and a 124.7 quarterback rating. It is arguably his best game of the season and shows how an MVP should perform against a playoff team and a lethal defense.

3. The record speaks for itself

This is going to be a short, sweet point. The Chiefs are 10-1, and the Packers are 8-3; the Chiefs’ only loss has come to the Raiders, who are looked at as a lower-seeded playoff team; however, the Packers losses have come to two playoff teams, the Colts, and Buccaneers, and their divisional rival: the Vikings. Usually whoever has the better record will come out on top, and by judging upon both teams’ next couple of games, Mahomes may secure the trophy just for that.

Addressing the other side

But, Rodgers has less weapons than Mahomes does

While that’s true, you can’t blame Mahomes for that. Rodgers should have a motherlode of weapons already, yet due to the incompetence of the Packers’ front office, that’s not the case. MVPs should be able to work with what they’ve got and make everyone around them shine, and Mahomes is doing just that. He’s making Hill, Kelce, and others look more spectacular than they have ever been able to accomplish; the stats don’t lie.

The Chiefs have an easy schedule; of course, Mahomes has better stats

This excuse is thrown around a lot, so let’s break it down:

The Chiefs played Baltimore who was at full strength at the time, the Bucs who are a playoff team (and a team Rodgers was blown out by), the Bills who are one of the best teams in the AFC, and they still have to face off against the Dolphins (playoff contenders) and Saints (one of the best teams in the NFC). The only teams the Packers have left to face who are challenging opponents are the Titans; moreover, the only notable win they have is against the Saints. I think the schedules are balanced in itself.

Also, let’s not forget that Rodgers and company almost lost to the Jaguars of all teams. Seriously, it’s tough for me to put Rodgers above Mahomes when these types of things occur.

That’s all for today here on the Fuel Tank. Who do you think will win the MVP award? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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