The Fuel Tank: Newton’s Absence Will Plummet The Patriots Chances of Winning

Hello, football fans and welcome to the Fuel Tank! In this exciting column, we will be breaking down one of the hottest NFL news topics and then I will be giving my viewpoint on the topic while breaking down why the opposition is false. Please don’t bash anyone or post any hateful comments as everyone has a right to their own opinion! With that said, let’s jump right into today’s story.

The Chiefs vs Patriots game will be live tomorrow (due to COVID), yet Patriots’ starting quarterback Cam Newton won’t be flying to Kansas City for the game. Why? It’s because he has contracted COVID-19, which will restrict him from practices and future games until it’s confirmed that he’s negative for it.

With that said, Patriots’ and NFL fans must ask themselves if this will plummet and, most likely, make them lose the game against the Chiefs? It will and the Chiefs will most definitely win under the points I’ve listed:

1. They’ll lose their “mobile QB” offense

From the looks of things, Brian Hoyer will be the quarterback to replace Newton and if there’s one negative skill that you should know; it’s that Hoyer is the exact opposite of mobile. Belichick rebranded the Patriots’ to align with Newton’s skill-set, but now that we know Newton will be out for Tuesday’s game, that offense has a slim chance of working out with Hoyer in-game.

Reid and Spagnuolo will now adjust their play-calling accordingly as this plays on. We probably won’t see the same style of defense we saw when the Chiefs shut down Lamar Jackson and the Ravens’ offense.

2. Hoyer is the starter

The last time Brian Hoyer played against the Chiefs was in the 2016 Wild Card before Mahomes was drafted, and it didn’t go well; losing 30-0 while throwing four interceptions. While he may be in the Belichick system and not O’Brien’s floppy one, it doesn’t make a difference. The Chiefs defense has much improved since the last time he has faced him with the additions of Chris Jones, Tyrann Mathieu, and others.

This game will not be pretty for Hoyer or that Patriots offense. It will falter tremendously without the revitalized, former MVP Cam “Superman” Newton.

3. Chiefs won’t have to worry about Cam’s utility

This kind of falls in with the first point I described above as the Chiefs’ defense won’t have to worry about a quarterback who can make you suffer from his legs to his arm. They now just have to fret/deliberate about canceling the Patriots’ rushing attack and the few weapons the Patriots have at their disposal at the receiving end (i.e. Edelman and Harry). It seems the workload for their defense has gotten less bulky than it was, yet they shouldn’t become arrogant. Belichick can still find ways to make you pay even without their starting quarterback.

Addressing the other side

Belichick will still work something out

As he’s debatably the best coach of all time, I can see that he changes the game plan just in time before the game starts. Then again, the players have to now practice and understand what to do in less than three days which will be a challenge for some of the players; however, if Belichick decides to not change anything with the gameplan, it will be interesting to see how it works out.

Hoyer is still a serviceable quarterback

While he may have his usage, I’d rather see Stidham start rather than a quarterback who has a losing record, a 59% completion percentage, and hasn’t won a game since 2016 (yeah, it’s that bad). I understand the whole “veteran leadership” concept, but that would be a better use for mentoring Stidham rather than playing. Hoyer’s time in this league is basically up even if he wins this game.

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