The Fuel Tank: Where Should John Ross III Be Traded?

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With being the 9th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, expectations were high for John Ross to become one of the best speed receivers in the league alongside Tyreek Hill. His rookie season was a mindboggling mess as he was out for the season with a knee injury, his sophomore season in 2018 was odd as he only had 210 receiving yards, but he had seven receiving touchdowns on the year; and, after having over 500 yards in the first eight games of the season, his season ended against the Steelers due to a terrible shoulder injury that placed him on IR. It’s now 2020 and Ross wants out of Cinnciatti:

Where should he go from here? Many teams should take a chance to trade for this speedster, but one team stands out the most: the Green Bay Packers; and here’s why they should trade for Ross:

1: The Packers need a slot receiver

With the loss of a few wide receivers, they need someone to take over the permanent slot receiver role and Ross would be perfect for it. Besides the speed that’s he’s well known for that could burn a majority of corners in the league, he has great route-running abilities and has a skill-set that earned him to be picked in the first round. The Bengals never took his speed into account and now his career is being crushed under a rock, but Rodgers and the Packers offense can save him.

Rodgers has a rocket launcher for an arm, so he’ll be able to bring out the speed and route-running Ross is known for; also, he makes any receiver on the Packers a bonified star. Robert Tonyan, for instance, is having a great start to the season with 18 receptions, 230 yards, and five touchdowns. Tonyan was an undrafted free-agent in 2017 and while he barely saw the field in 2018 with the Packers and a little bit more field time in 2019, he’s still showing up to wreak havoc on defenses. Rodgers can bring the best out of anyone as he isn’t called the G.O.A.T by some for a reason.

2. The Packers need depth

With Allen Lazard on injury reserve, Devin Funchess opting-out for the season, and Tyler Ervin questionable with a wrist injury, the Packers could use Ross to fill up some holes in the receiver core; plus, besides Devante Adams, Rodgers doesn’t have a reliable second target to throw it to. Marquez Valdes-Scantling is barely proving it with only seven catches for 77 yards in his last three games and in his last game versus the Texans, he was targetted four times without a single reception. Ross could fill this gap easily and could probably be another reliable weapon Rodgers could use to his advantage.

3. The Packers could use Ross the way the Bengals failed to

As I stated before, the Bengals failed to utilize Ross correctly just like how they’ve failed to run a franchise correctly for decades. The Packers are another story as LaFleur, Rodgers, and the entire offensive coaching staff could make him great. Rodgers would be able to send Ross deep to burn the corners and safeties covering him and be able to throw that far to him, LaFleur could create trick plays to earn more usage out of his skillset, and Rodgers, again, could make him a lethal weapon that’d allow Ross to shine brighter than the lights shining down on two teams during Monday Night Football.

He’s a first-round pick for a reason and people seem to forget that. He has the skills to pay the bills, but he has to leave Cincinnati to be able to show it off to the rest of the league.

The Other Side

Ross has a motherload of injury problems

That is undeniable as I stated, early he had injuries that ended his 2017 (rookie) season and his 2019 season. Even though that holds, the Packers (or any team that wants to trade for him) would only give up a 5th-round pick at the most for him, so even if Ross fails for the Packers, they won’t lose much. The Bengals will add another pick to jumpstart their rebuild and the Packers receive a much-needed wide receiver for their offense; everyone wins.

The 49ers could be a better fit for Ross

While Head Coach Mike Shanahan does use his wide-outs effectively, I feel as though Rodgers and LaFleur would do a better job with him. Rodgers is 10x better than Garoppolo, yet I feel as though Shanahan has a slight edge over LaFleur in coaching experience and results; but, that Packers offense has done spectacularly this season (except for the Buccanneers game) even with only one notable receiver and on the other hand, the 49ers are a bit of a mess as of right now. As I said, Rodgers could bring the best out of any receiver and he’ll do just that.

The Eagles could swoop him up as well

While that may be true with Jackson’s ankle injury and the fact that Jackson talks regularly with Ross, this could happen, but it wouldn’t be the best fit for Ross. Carson Wentz and head coach Doug Pederson wouldn’t be able to bring out the best he has within him and Ross could be in the same situation as he is with the Bengals now.

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