The Fuel Tank: Who Will Win The Atrocious NFC East?

Hello, football fans and welcome to the Fuel Tank! In this exciting column, we will be breaking down one of the hottest NFL debate topics and then I will be giving my viewpoint on the topic while breaking down why the opposition is false. Please don’t bash anyone or post any hateful comments as everyone has a right to their own opinion! With that said, let’s jump right into today’s story.

The NFC East… dubbed the worst division in the NFL for the past two years. The last division champs, the Philadelphia Eagles, only went 9-7 in 2019 and, as of right now, the Eagles are leading the division with a 3-4-1 record. Pretty terrible right? Right behind them is the 2-5 Washington Football Team; in third place, it’s the 2-6 Cowboys, and sealing the last place is the 1-7 Giants. In total, the NFC East only has eight combined wins and we are heading into Week 9 of the season.

With the first half of the season already closed, it’s up in the air on who’ll win the division as everyone has a chance to. My prediction is a bit of a dark horse, but they still have a shot to win in this horrid division that doesn’t deserve a playoff spot. It’s none other than the Washington Football Team and here’s why:

1. Without Dak, the Cowboys are already out of contention

Let’s be honest with ourselves and say that Dak Prescott was carrying this terrible team. The offense hasn’t scored a single touchdown in their past two games, have only put up 12 points in those two games, and Elliot isn’t performing as well as he’s getting paid as he’s not even averaging over four yards per carry (he’s at 3.9). The defense is another story as they are one of the worst in the league, and they are vying to not be dubbed the worst defense to ever step onto an NFL field.

Mike McCarthy seems to not be helping the situation at all and it looks like it’s only going to become worse. The Cowboys have to face the Steelers today, then they have the Ravens, the 49ers, the Bengals (who can most certainly defeat them), and the rest of their rivals in the east. We can say with certainty that Dem Boys are going to plunder the season away.

2. Their pass defense is superior

As of right now, Washington has the best passing defense in the league with them allowing only 185.9 passing yards per game. In their last three games, they allowed 155.7 yards per game, and last game against the Cowboys, they allowed 59 passing yards. They also have a premier cornerback leading the charge named Kendall Fuller who has four interceptions, has allowed four first downs, and has the lowest passer-rating among cornerbacks at 9.3:

As you can see, this defense separates them from the rest of the garbage dump that is the NFC East. This can make them the undisputed division winners as long as the rest of them can keep up with their style of excellent play.

Addressing the other side

The Eagles still exist

They do and as of now they are the division leaders, but Washington has proven they can beat and outmatch them. In the first week of the odd 2020 season, Washington was able to score 27 straight unanswered points to come back from a 17-0 deficit to defeat the Eagles; furthermore, this proves that the Eagles aren’t a challenge for Washington. This game may come down to Week 17 when these two teams play each other for the second and final time.

Do they even have an offense?

Their offense is spotty and they have their fair share of games where they can barely contribute, yet the offense has shown promise as the weeks go on. Antonio Gibson showed loads of potential last week as he rushed for 128 yards on 20 rushes, averaged 6.4 yards per rush, and added a touchdown on the board. Kyle Allen has shown his fair share of flashes as well as he has thrown for 548 yards, four touchdowns, and only one interception this season.

He couldn’t show much against the Rams as he had to be taken to the locker room due to an arm injury. They also have a rising star in Terry McLaurin that was recently named captain a few days ago. This offense has a chance to make the most of what they have work to win the division entirely.

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