The Future Of The New York Jets

The Jets suck, there is no other way to put it. They have mastered the art of losing. The Jets have yet to win a game and there is a good chance they go 0-16. Adam Gase has solidified himself as the worst coach in the NFL, and Gregg Williams has been awful as defensive coordinator. The coaching staff needs a revamp if the Jets want to compete. The Jets’ offense is atrocious, last in yards per game and points per game by far.

At this point, fans are rooting for losses to secure the #1 pick and just regroup for the 2021 season; but, considering this team is on pace to be the worst NFL team in history, it’s a high possibility, that their struggles carry onto the 2021 season. The Jets are in a good position to improve for the next season if the front office does its job correctly. The Jets are going to have the second-most cap space going into the 2021 season as well as two first-round draft picks; so, the team will have the opportunity to rebuild but they need to fully commit if that is the plan.

What the Jets’ offseason could entail

Anyone who has been following the ins and out of the Jets this year has heard the name Trevor Lawrence. Clemson’s golden boy quarterback, the savior of New York. But fans don’t know if the Jets will take him if they have the #1 overall pick. There have been talks of staying with Sam Darnold, trading down, and taking other position needs. While the idea has logic behind it, others believe Darnold had his chance to succeed and couldn’t, and you can’t pass up a generational talent like Lawrence, so trade Darnold for a second or third-round pick and build around Trevor Lawrence.

The Jets’ main problem can not be placed on one singular area. Their pass rush is awful, their receiving core is bottom of the league, their offensive line is in shambles, their secondary is extremely inconsistent and even at its best, is mediocre.

So where do you put your focus this offseason if you are the New York Jets general manager? The first step needs to be firing Adam Gase; he has proven he has no idea how to coach a team, he has multiple reports of problems with players and coaches, and has completely lost the respect of players. Gregg Willaims and Dowell Loggains are in the same boat as coordinators; they have not done their job, and are definitely on the hot seat. Cleaning the house of a coaching staff is very common during a rebuild. Whether the next head coach of the Jets comes from within the NFL, or from college, a total revamp is a necessity.

The next step is deciding who to resign or let walk in free agency. Guys like Joe Flacco, Frank Gore, Chris Hogan, you can all let walk. However, guys like Breshad Perriman, Brian Poole, Bradley Mcdougald, Jordan Jenkins, you have to determine whether or not they are worth the money and if they really are going to be a part of the rebuild process. Based on that is how you approach free agency 2021. With 83 million in cap space, you could see some brand new faces in Gotham green next year.

The Jets’ main focus needs to be targeting offensive lineman to protect whoever is taking snaps in 2021, besides Mehki Becton and Connor Mcgovern, every other lineman position needs to be filled for the future. Expect the Jets to target an interior offensive lineman early in Free Agency, or use one of their first few picks on a lineman in the draft. The Jets’ offensive line has allowed the 7th most sacks partnered with the 7th worst rushing attack, a skill position player’s nightmare. A strong offensive line needs to be a priority if the Jets ever want to win shortly.

Other than Jamison Crowder, the Jets have no real offensive weapons. In a receiver loaded free agency, the Jets need to bring in a receiver or tight end to make the offense a threat. The Jets still have yet to see if rookie Denzel Mims will live up to his potential as his inaugural campaign has been plagued by injury, but in the short amount of playing time and targets he has had, he has flashed his potential.

That said, the Jets either need to bring in a proven receiver or fill the gaping hole in the tight end position this season has shown. Mock drafts show the Jets using the latter of their first-round picks to draft a receiver, which is another route to go that is also less harmful to the cap space.

As far as the running game goes, the Jets are near last in that category as well. When your teams leading rushing options are a player whose prime was eight years ago, and a guy who was paid 13 million a year to get three yards a carry, your running game probably will not do well. Considering how the Leveon Bell era went, I highly doubt the Jets bring in another big name running back with a crazy price tag. Running backs like Matt Breida, Mike Davis, or James white are all realistic targets considering their market value is low right now, and they could all provide high production on offense as well as depth to arguably the NFL’s weakest backfield.

On the defensive side of the ball, problems are just as bad. The Jets have allowed the second-most points in the NFL, the third-most passing yards, and the 5th most total yards. Star linebacker CJ Mosley opted out this year due to COVID-19, but there really aren’t many other excuses as to why the Jets have been so poor on defense this year.

The loss of Jamal Adams was a blow to the defense but he was never a great coverage safety and has proved that with Seattle. The Jets need to focus on defense in the offseason and the draft because there have been very few bright spots on the defensive side of the ball.

The Jets pass rush is basically non-existent. They have just 14 sacks on the year and have not been able to contain opponents rushing attack at the level they did in 2019. Bringing in a premiere pass rusher needs to be a focus of the front office. The market price of a defensive lineman is high right now, but names like Jadeveon Clowney, Ryan Kerrigan, and Solomon Thomas to be potential suitors for the Jets. There is a good chance the Jets take a pass rusher early on in the draft, but with all of their team needs, there are no guarantees.

In terms of the linebacking core, the Jets are mediocre. If C.J. Mosely and Blake Cashman both are eligible, they make up the inside of the Jets 3-4 defense. Expect the Jest to fill outside linebacker depth in free agency as well.

The Jets secondary has been spotty. Blessuan Austin has potential at the corner spot, but other than that, the Jets have not been able to fill the shoes of Darrell Revis and Antonio Cromartie all those years ago. Marcus Maye has been a bright spot, but there is no guarantee the Jets resign him. Rookie Ashtyn Davis has been forced into a starting role after Bradley McDougald went down, and he has been very impressive in run support but his pass coverage is poor, to say the least. Part of that comes from being a rookie so expect the Jets to continue to see his development.

Depending on cap space, the Jets will most defiantly try to bring in secondary help, as that has been a week spot for two years now. They will most likely pursue help earlier in free agency based on how things went with Pierre Desir.

There aren’t many scenarios where the Jets are Super Bowl contenders in 2021, but this offseason is crucial for the future. The front office has stockpiled draft picks for the next two years, so expect an exciting draft in 2021 if you are a Jets fan. Joe Douglas had an excellent draft and free agency in 2020, if he can repeat that trend in 2021, with the Jets playing in a Mediocre AFC east, the Jets will be competing in multiple games next year. Changes need to be made, but considering they have already been eliminated from playoff contention, the Jets’ changes need to start now.