The Kansas City Chiefs Have Set The Pace

To be successful is something we as humans all aspire to. It’s a term that means different things to different people. What works for Jack might not necessarily work for Paul, but for those trying to find an edge they study the lives of individuals who have excelled in their fields and see what applies to their own lives. Success in the NFL means championships, it’s as clear as day.

The NFL has always been a copycat league, from the west coast offense to the play-action scheme. Whatever is working well for a team, the league latches onto it. It’s ingrained in NFL history and it’s no different now.

Who’s Your Quarterback?

The Chiefs are at the mountain top at the moment, even with them losing Super Bowl LV. They are set up for success for years to come and at the root of that is the coach and quarterback that they possess. With the league going crazy on finding their quarterbacks, having a generational player in Patrick Mahomes solves a lot of issues for the Chiefs. Some teams can go decades without finding their guy, the team in Vegas can testify to that. With that in place for Kansas City, they can focus their resources on the rest of the roster as the most important spot has been filled.

Not only is the QB position secured, but the Chiefs have also arguably the best offensive coach in the league leading them. The job Andy Reid has done since taking over this football team has been tremendous. For a team that finished with a 2-14 record before his tenure, to be perennial super bowl contenders is a testament to the greatness of Coach Reid.

Offense Is The Future

With the league shifting to an offensive-centric league, the coach quarterback relationship has never been as important as it is at the moment. Most teams are hiring coaches with an offensive background, someone who can take their quarterback to the next level or upgrade what’s already in the fold by trade or draft. It’s no surprise seeing some of the moves taking place around the league, with the San Francisco 49ers being another example.

They traded three first-round picks to move up to the third pick for the rights to select their quarterback of the future, or the Los Angeles Rams trading Jared Goff, two years after giving him an extension and leading his team to the Super Bowl for Mattew Stafford. Nothing is guaranteed, but without an above quarterback play, it’s getting tougher for teams without one to reach their ultimate goal.

Getting the right coach quarterback marriage has always been a recipe for sustained excellence. Looking back at the history of the league, from Bill Walsh and Joe Montana to later Steve Young, to the 90’s era Cowboys with Jimmy Johnson and Troy Aikman, to the Andy Reid tenure in Philadelphia with Donovan McNabb, and of course the greatest dynasty in the sport with Bill Bellicheck and Tom Brady. The path to success has never been so clear and the league is not sleeping on it anymore.

We’ve Got Ours

For the Chiefs, they can be secured in the knowledge that for the next decade they are set up at the quarterback position, and depending on how long coach Reid wants to keep it going, hopefully, the coach as well. This has to be one of the most comfortable spots Andy Reid has been in his career, and that’s saying a lot considering his record in Philadelphia, totaling 221-131.

Although the latter years of his tenure were not particularly rosy culminating in a 4-12 record in his final season, some of that can be attributed to the role of general manager he played as well as coach, He led on all personnel decisions took its toll and as a result, his coaching suffered for it.

It’s no surprise his decision to focus on just coaching here in Kansas City and leave the personnel duties to Brett Veach, who was groomed by Andy Reid and followed him from Philadelphia. One thing is for sure, the rest of the NFL is looking up and it’s the Kansas City Chiefs in poll position.