The Lakers Title Run And The Legacy Of LeBron James

This past Sunday night, LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Championship after a season that lasted right around a full year. In a season like no other, this was certainly special for the team but mostly LeBron who was once again, doubted and criticized all season like no other athlete in the history of sports.

Throughout the entire season, we heard teams like the Clippers, the Bucks and even the Rockets were title favorites and will have the roster to beat the Lakers in the postseason. Yet again, that did not work out as they expected. The bubble that was created exposed a good majority of teams for either not being deep enough, or just simply being overhyped (the Clippers).

This season was obviously very different from the past. We were hit with a global pandemic about 85% into the regular season and play was stopped everywhere. About five months later, majority of teams were invited to the bubble in Orlando where play in games and eventually the playoffs happened.

We saw many shocking events take place like the 1 seed Bucks going out in the second round to the Miami Heat, who eventually went on to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA finals. We also saw the Denver Nuggets overcome not one, but two 3-1 leads in the first two rounds of the playoffs against the Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Clippers.

That Clippers defeat was widely known as the most surprising result of the season and rightfully so. That was the team that everyone was counting on to beat the Lakers all for the simple fact that they hate seeing LeBron succeed, I can tell you that for a fact.

The Lakers, however, dominated almost everyone in their path. In the first round, they defeated the hottest team in the bubble which were the Portland Trail Blazers. That series only lasted five games to everyone’s surprise. In the next round, they defeated the Houston Rockets in five games, easily for the most part, with a series that was dominated by LeBron and Anthony Davis mainly because of the size advantage they had on the Rockets.

In the Conference Finals, they went on to face the Denver Nuggets who showed that they should be taken seriously after eliminating the consensus title favorites in the Clippers. However once again, they were absolutely no match for the Lakers or LeBron who closed out the series in five games with a 31 point triple-double to send the nuggets home. This, I’m sure, angered many people, especially two specific fan bases who I won’t name.

In the finals, the Heat were a team that were a great story all season and battled through tons of adversity. Once again however, they were no match for the Lakers who took them out in six games in a series that should have been over in four games.

All LeBron James averaged in the finals was 29.8 points, 11.5 rebounds, and 8.5 assists on 59% shooting which was his career-high in any finals he’s played in. If you are one of those people who say that this title doesn’t count as much you are one of two people. You are either a fan of a team that lost in the bubble or you are a hater of LeBron James, could be a combination of both.

This season should be remembered for all of these teams overcoming the pandemic and coming together to finish the season. I know for a fact if the Clippers or any other team won this title, there would be no doubt that it counts. The Lakers won fair and square, with the best player in the league (and ever) and a very good second star in Anthony Davis. Don’t be one of those people with an agenda. Appreciate greatness while you can.