The Latest Drama With Kyrie Irving And The Nets

The Beginning

There’s no secret that Kyrie Irving has been in the center of some drama over the years. Despite whatever team he was playing for at the time, when he first started his career in Cleveland, he was known as a hard-working, young player who was trying to learn and gain experience from the veterans around him. His play hasn’t declined, but some might say that his decision making has been questionable, to say the least.

We saw Kyrie have his personal issues in Cleveland with LeBron and maybe the front office. Even after going to three consecutive finals, he was unhappy in Cleveland and requested a trade. The drama then continued in Boston, even after Kyrie stating how happy he was there. The fans were under the impression that he was staying there long term, but that certainly wasn’t the case. Last summer, he signed a deal with the Brooklyn Nets with his good friend Kevin Durant joining him there as well.

On To Brooklyn

Last year, Kyrie was riddled with yet another injury, and it would keep him out for a majority of the season. This year, the team was fully loaded with a healthy Kyrie and KD. Now, only 10 games into the season, Kyrie has decided to leave the team for “personal reasons”. He didn’t travel with the team to Memphis, and now the Nets have not heard from him since. This is something that is obviously very distracting for not only the players but the new coach as well.

We are all entitled to our opinions on Kyrie as both a player and a person. There is, however, very little doubt that he has made some questionable career decisions in the past couple of years. His teammates may see him as a problem by now. Kyrie and his head coach Steve Nash seemed to be on the same page to start the season off, but since he left, he hasn’t been returning any phone calls.

Latest Developing News

Today, ESPN reporter Malika Andrews came across a report that will certainly not help Kyrie. He was reportedly seen at a family members’ birthday party without a mask on. If he had simply told the team or someone close to the team, what he was doing, this wouldn’t be that big of an issue.

The issue that makes Kyrie completely in the wrong here is his lack of communication. If I’m Kevin Durant, I would need to know the answers more than anyone. Kyrie was the one who recruited Kyrie to Brooklyn, now he’s away from the team.

For Kyrie to gain his trust back with his teammates and the front office, it would be smart of him to contact one of them at the least. Steve Nash is a first-year head coach and is now being put in a very difficult situation. The Nets can be a very dangerous team in the postseason if their two stars are back and fully healthy, but that may be a big ask at this point. We will see if the drama with Kyrie carries over into the entire season.