The Media Double Standard Towards Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers, despite his four NFC Championship losses, is one of the most accomplished quarterbacks in NFL history. He has won three MVP’s, a Super Bowl, and a Super Bowl MVP. Additionally, he has made nine Pro Bowls and three First Team All Pros. Despite the accolades, Rodgers has always drawn the ire of the national media. Packers’ fans have seen this for years, but now it is becoming glaringly obvious.

Rodgers and His Coaches

In his NFL career, Aaron Rodgers has played for two coaches: Mike McCarthy and Matt LaFleur. Towards the end of McCarthy’s tenure in Green Bay, much was made of the division between him and Rodgers. When the Packers fired McCarthy midseason, many in the media began to label Rodgers as a coach killer.

This was a very unfair assessment of the situation. When watching the Packers in 2018, it was very clear that a change was needed. The game had passed McCarthy by, and it was not just the quarterback who felt it. The Packers’ front office has proved time and again that Rodgers’ opinion on staffing and player personnel, while valuable, means nothing in the end. If it did, several players such as Jake Kumerow would still be on the team.

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When Matt LaFleur came, the narrative was that he and Rodgers hated each other. Never once did either coach or quarterback give that notion. In a new offense, there is learning curve. Both understood that. The media, however, took the narrative that Rodgers was once again frustrated and wanted out.

Other Quarterbacks and Their Coaches

It is difficult to have any conversation about Aaron Rodgers without bringing up Tom Brady. This is not a debate over who is greater, but rather a point of how Brady gets more positive media narratives than Rodgers.

Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck’s split could have been one of the most dramatic stories in sports. This would be like Michael Jordan saying to Phil Jackson, “You know what, this isn’t for me anymore.” It would have been earth-shattering.

However, Brady somewhat quietly departs for Tampa Bay and wins a Super Bowl. The media praises him as the greatest athlete of all time. Nothing is said of how he disagreed with his coach so much, he left the team for which he played for 20 years. Nothing. If that had been Rodgers, the narrative would have been, “Well he’s good, but he’s a real diva.”

Russell Wilson’s Recent Comments

Earlier this week, Russell Wilson made statements regarding the Seahawks’ offseason. In short, he stated that he is tired of being sacked so much and wants the team to pursue better blockers this offseason.

Now, this not unreasonable. What quarterback likes being hit? However, it points again to the double-standard Aaron Rodgers has in the media. Russell Wilson says these things and is praised for speaking up. In fact, many are calling on the Seahawks to honor his wishes.

If this had been Aaron Rodgers, there would have been no such praise. If anything, the media would take the angle that Rodgers is trying to force the team to build around him before Jordan Love takes over.

Speaking of Love, Aaron Rodgers took the news of that pick with as much grace as anyone could. As mentioned, he has his wishes of who the Packers would target, but they do not always go in that direction. He knows it’s a business. Yet, the media tries to vilify him at every turn.

Rodgers Knows This Is the Case

This season, Packers and football fans alike were treated to Aaron Rodgers’ weekly appearances on the Pat McAfee Show. In these interviews, fans got a look into the mind and personality of Aaron Rodgers. In his last recording, he thanked McAfee for allowing him the platform to speak to a media personality to give his view on things. As Rodgers said, “There are a lot of douchebags out there that think they can speak for me.” He was referring to the national media. The double-standard is painfully obvious. And it’s annoying.


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