The Milwaukee Bucks Winning The Championship Still Does Nothing For Small Market Teams

The Milwaukee Bucks Winning The Championship Still Does Nothing For Small Market Teams

Built the roster the right way?

I’m sorry to be the skunk at the garden party but small market teams will still have a hard time winning championships. Most of the time small market teams have to nail their draft picks as the Oklahoma City Thunder did, but that still doesn’t mean you are going to win a championship.

Milwaukee had the 15th pick back in 2013 and selected Giannis Antetokounmpo. So, is this the new blueprint for small market teams? Draft one of the biggest unknowns in recent history and cross your fingers and pray he will be a superstar. This has nothing to do with small market teams or even Milwaukee for that matter it has everything to do with the national media. The national media loves to make up these false narratives.

There is no right way to building a team

When Milwaukee drafted Antetokounmpo he wasn’t even the same size or weight that he is now. Antetokounmpo gained 50-60 pounds and grew to be seven feet tall. All I saw on my timeline when Milwaukee won was “this is how you built a team.”

So, what am I missing here, building a team just based on luck? Now, I know in life everyone gets “lucky”, but drafting a superstar with the 15th pick and being the biggest mystery in a draft is not the way you “built” a team. The goal for every sports team is to win a championship. Another way to win is in free agency like the Miami Heat did years ago, that worked too.

What about the Los Angles Lakers? They basically just let Klutch sports run their team. Would anyone in the national media say that’s a good way to win a championship?

Now more stupid narratives

It’s the same narrative with Khris Middleton. The Detroit Piston traded Middleton along with Brandon Knight and Viacheslav Kravtsov for Brandon Jennings. Oh, and by the way, Middleton barely played his first year with Milwaukee. Let me guess, that was always part of the plan.

Stop it. Milwaukee had a lot of breaks to win the championship this year, but every team gets a break; it’s part of the game. Just this narrative about how Milwaukee did everything right is non-sense. If anyone should take credit for their championship, it should be Antetokounmpo and Middleton for putting in the work. The national media loves making up fake narratives that do not exist.

Maxwell Marshall

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