The New England Patriots’ Problem Gives Mac Jones A Giant Opportunity

The New England Patriots’ Problem Gives Mac Jones A Giant Opportunity

It’s time for a change

Cam Newton brought the New England Patriots fans false hope in 2020. He failed to show up, even forcing turnovers to lose games. Everyone deserves a second chance, but Cam may have ruined his. 

Recently, he landed on the COVID restriction list due to a miscommunication about the league’s policy over testing protocols. However, he’s able to return to practice on Thursday. 

Newton closed his doors to quarantine, leading to a new door opening for the 15th overall pick. As a result, Mac Jones walks into a situation where he could be running on the field to control the offense in Week 1. 

Jones has blown coaches away throughout the preseason. According to Tom E. Curren, a Patriots beat reporter discussed on the Pat McAfee Show that Jones had gained immediate respect for the offense. He lets receivers know when they screwed up a route or need to step up their play. 

How has Mac performed throughout training camp?

Training camp highlights battles for positions on the roster. New England has not had a decision to make at QB since 2001. So finally, two decades later, we’re about to pass go. 

Newton signed a one-year extension; the team drafts his competition. He deserves a second chance but needs a fire lit under his butt. Mac Jones has brought the fire every day as a Patriot. 

In both preseason games, Jones performed well, looked poised in the pocket along with showing off his rocket arm. It is incredible to see how he has improved throughout the preseason in only a few short weeks. 

Belichick has praised Jones’s play during camp, but he spoke differently when asked about Newton. 

There was little discussion about Cam Newton or anything involving his COVID confusion. Belichick ensured the conversation remained on the play on the field. Shocking. 

If Mac performs well this week, does he start Week 1?

If you asked me this same question in March, my answer would be different. Jones consistently impresses me with his patience in the pocket and execution. He does not make flashy plays; he makes the right one. Watching Jones practicing has been fascinating. He refuses to leave a coach’s side, trying to absorb as much as he can in such a short time. 

The current trend projects Jones is holding a clipboard in the Patriots season opener. Teams have sat their first-round picks for them to have an entire year to learn a playbook most rookie quarterbacks have to learn in a month. Lucky for Jones, his photographing memory will help understand one of the most complicated playbooks around the league. 

Mac Jones has a legitimate shot at being named the Week 1 starter. Belichick does not tolerate any nonsense; it’s written all over his face. Jones has shown that he has bought into the Patriots system, willing to do whatever it takes to continue the franchise’s legacy. 

Mac Jones has made the final game of the preseason must-watch television. A solid performance may launch him into the job.

Pat Pitts

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