The NFL Will Sanctify Jacob Blake And Sexual Assault This Season

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is the latest to willingly sell his professional soul to appease America’s rage mob. In 2020, where absolute obedience is mandated to serve as the commissioner of a sports league, Goodell has offered up a means by which players on the field can pay homage to those that SJW would tell you to celebrate.

The latest, Jacob Blake, is the reason Kenosha, WI is burning. It’s also been the reason for protests, some violent, in cities like Portland, Seattle, and Chicago, that continue to smolder in the aftermath. Now, Blake is expected to be on an NFL helmet come opening day in the NFL.

But that’s only half the story. As professional athletes turned activists omit critical facts, a compliant media continues to oblige. With Blake and Kenosha, facts are never fully accounted for. If they were, popular narratives would fold, and movements like BLM would fold.

With that in mind, the NFL has made the decision to glorify Jacob Blake on the back of a helmet. The same Jacob Blake who was evading an open warrant for sexual assault and domestic abuse. The same Jacob Blake, whom the victim knew for eight years that would regularly assault her, especially when he drank a lot.

Imagine the pride Roger Goodell, the NFL, it’s sponsors, women’s groups across the country, and its players will have when his name is emblazoned on the back of your team’s helmet, and shown across any number of network platforms. Even more, imagine those victims of sexual assault, and what they must think come Sundays this fall, or on Monday Night Football, the playoffs, and the Super Bowl. Think of how they’ll feel knowing a sexual predator is feted under the bright lights of the premier professional sports league in all the world.

That’s what the league will be celebrating this season. It’s what the likes of Mike Florio and ESPN will be spinning for in every positive light possible on Monday mornings.

The National Football League is just the latest to genuflect to mob rule. Facts are damned, Goodell and his band of executives will do anything to stay in the good graces of those who overlook sexual assault to prop up a faulty narrative in the name of social justice.

2020 is about a lot of things. In a sports world once the salvation of a news weary public, fans will continue to be inundated by political and social messages. Goodell, who believes he owes a debt on behalf of the league, is ready to sell its soul to those who would destroy it in the name of social justice.

Logic left the building a long time ago. The NFL would be smart to vet those that players won’t. Jacob Blake has no business being the center stage of this league or any other. Yet to appease those players who are slaves to Instagram and Twitter, Goodell will look the other way until the day comes when he and the owners no longer can. For their sake, they better hope that day doesn’t come too late.