The Sports World Reacts To The Russ-Wall Trade

After almost a month of rumors circulating about Russel Westbrook’s current relationship with the executives in the Houston Texans’ organization, Russ is finally on his way to a new home.

Wednesday night, news broke (from Woj, who else?) that the Houston Rockets were sending Russel Westbrook to the Washington Wizards for John Wall and a first round draft pick. This blockbuster of a trade instantly changes the entire NBA landscape and will have serious implications for both franchises.

Twitter immediately reacted, with one of John Wall’s former (and now new) teammates being the first to make his opinion known.

But from there, analyst and former players started laying praise on both players.

But, because it is Twitter, people instantly started meme-ing on the situation.

(Also who made a Stephen A Smith Fancam?)

But the most common meme, because the Lakers’ fans think they run the world, was