The Top Five Ballparks In Baseball

While I personally have not visited most of the parks on this list, it does not take a full visit to know that ballparks are worth the price of admission. Things like the scenery around the park, the location, the history, the actual design of the park, are all taken into account when picking this list. Sorry in advance if your park is not in this top five list.

5.) Kauffmann Stadium- Kansas City Royals

Kaufmann makes this list for me at number five simply because as a Midwest guy, the K represents baseball perfectly and the history around Kansas City and baseball is rich. Kaufmann has an electric crowd when the Royals are playing well but even when they aren’t, the atmosphere is still a good, family-oriented experience that is worth a ticket.

The K also made sure to widen their concourses back in 2006 and added the giant crown scoreboard to create a better experience overall. Let’s also not forget the beautiful waterfall area in right-center field as well as the backdrop looking onto I-70 just over the hill behind center field. Kaufmann is a gem in baseball, thus earning the five spot.

4.) Coors Field- Colorado Rockies

While I have not personally visited Coors Field, I have heard only good things about it including the fact that the mountain air allows for a home run fest any day of the season. With the rocky mountains casting their shadow out in left field and the park design paying tribute to Ebbets Field, it sounds like the place to be for summertime baseball.

The park features an in-house brewery called “The Sandlot Brewery” and good food based on reviews online. With a huge outfield, it also provides plenty of seating. So, good food, good beer, nice views, and baseball? Sounds like the perfect park to take this number four spot.

3.) Oriole Park at Camden Yards- Baltimore Orioles

Oriole Park began the race for updating ballparks in the MLB and they did it perfectly. While it is now one of the older parks of the modern age, it still features everything a modern park needs to accommodate a solid crowd. The warehouse in right field provides that history element and keeps the field “timeless”, and Oriole Park provides the ideal press box view.

While the team in Baltimore may not win all the time, the aesthetics of the game of baseball and the ideal stadium for fans makes Oriole Park worth the price of admission. I have heard only good things about Oriole Park even in the Midwest. That kind of reputation deserves a top-three spot.

2.) Fenway Park- Boston Red Sox

Most people when they hear the name, Fenway Park, immediately think of the green monster out in left field, and rightfully so. Fenway is absolutely filled with history in the sport of baseball, and not to mention, one of the most passionate fan bases in all of baseball. Even as a non-Red Sox fan, this is a park that is on my own bucket list for parks to watch a game at as it should be for any baseball junkie.

Fenway looks great both on TV and in person from what I have heard, and Fenway creates the special experience of hearing the sweet music of baseball with mitt pops and bat cracks that sound amazing. Despite how tight the seating is in Fenway, that makes for an atmosphere that is probably unmatched in baseball. Fenway rightfully sits at number two and will stay there until there is a reason for Fenway to move.

1.) Wrigley Field- Chicago Cubs

As cliché as it is to pick Wrigley as number one, I have no shame in being cheesy and taking the obvious choice here. Wrigley is easily one of the most famous parks in baseball, and rightfully so, as they provide the ideal baseball game experience for anyone. It also helps that the surrounding neighborhood called “Wrigleyville” is the perfect baseball atmosphere before even entering the park. In movies like “Rookie of the Year”, you can just feel the baseball scene oozing out of the screen because that is all real.

A summertime game at Wrigley brings everything you could want out of a baseball game as it was designed to do just that, present baseball in the way it was meant to be presented. Wrigley is the park for every baseball junkie thus earning the number one spot.

While I am sure I am snubbing many other parks, these are the ones that stand out the most to me as a baseball fan. As I get older and I visit some of the other parks that I did not mention here, I am sure my list will change.

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