The Top Five “Big Three’s” In The Eastern Conference

The Top Five “Big Three’s” In The Eastern Conference

As the landscape of the NBA continues to embrace the “superteam” era, more and more teams have their own “big three”. From the Bucks with Giannis and company to the Lakers superteam, plenty of big threes now exist. However, it seems that the “big three” narrative is more prevalent in the East. As always, the only fair way to judge which big three is best is via the ranking list. Let’s check it out!

5. Atlanta Hawks- Trae Young, John Collins & Clint Capela

While this pick might seem weird, hear me out. The trio of Trae Young, John Collins, and Clint Capela has become a dangerous big three. Trae can shoot from anywhere on the court but also dish the rock. John Collins is the ideal stretch four and Clint Capela is an intimidating inside presence both rebounding and defensively. The Hawks surprised everyone this last season when they made a run into the East finals before losing to another big three on this list.

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It helps that the Hawks organization has now resigned all three of these guys to new contracts. If new contracts don’t motivate this young trio then maybe another deep playoff run will. Atlanta has some quiet superstars that are bursting onto the scene and ready to make some noise.

4. Milwaukee Bucks- Giannis, Kris Middleton & Jrue Holiday

Here are the big three that climbed the mountain of the NBA and emerged NBA champions. Milwaukee made a splash in free agency to pick up Jrue Holiday and it worked out perfectly. Holidays court vision helped give more opportunities to Kris Middleton and Giannis to score. Middleton on his own is an elite scorer and in the playoffs, he proved to be a vital piece of the Bucks offense. Giannis was on another planet with his performance last year.

This big three might not last as long as others but they already have a title under their belt. All three of these players have risen to a new level to be considered a big three. Milwaukee has a special group and if they can put the pieces together like last year, they could very well be playing for another title.

3. Miami Heat- Kyle Lowry, Jimmy Butler & Bam Adebayo

This is not the first time the Miami Heat have had a big three. While this big three might not be as huge as the LeBron, D-Wade, and Bosh trio, don’t count them out yet. Lowry was acquired by the Heat this summer to add some veteran point guard experience. With Butler and Adebayo already cementing their stardom in Miami, Lowry will be a helpful piece.

Miami made a Finals run in the bubble and is looking to get back to the promise land. Miami is the ideal “three and D” team that spaces the floor well and prides itself on stingy defense. While we do not know how well these three will play together, on paper, Miami looks to be ready for another Finals run.

2. Chicago Bulls- Lonzo Ball, DeMar DeRozan & Zach Lavine

Chicago has not made a splash in the summer for a long time. The Bulls managed to add Lonzo Ball and DeMar DeRozan this offseason to compliment Zach Lavine. Chicago has struggled since the days of D-Rose and Carlos Boozer and now they are looking to get back into contention in the East. Lonzo is a budding star that can do it all on the floor and DeRozan is still an elite scorer. Zach Lavine has required support, and the addition of Ball and DeRozan will be essential pieces to the Bulls’ success.

While these three might not produce six titles like the Bulls of the 90s, they will for sure bring in more wins. Give this group some time together, and I promise you will see the results. They earn a high ranking because they have shown their potential and are going to be exciting to watch.

1. Brooklyn Nets- Kevin Durant, James Harden & Kyrie Irving

I think the text above speaks for itself as to why these three are the best big three in the East. Kevin Durant paired with one of the best scoring guards in the NBA in James Harden topped off with perennial all-star Kyrie Irving, is perfect. While Harden does not have a title, Kyrie and KD’s playoff experience helps fill that void. Brooklyn has managed to bring in three of the biggest superstars in the league, no one can top that.

However, injuries have plagued Brooklyn’s big three so if they can stay healthy then Brooklyn will be a big contender in the East. Brooklyn has the star power to make a title run as well as bench depth to support those stars. Keep an eye on the three-headed monster formed in Brooklyn to see if they can finish what they started last season.

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