The Top Five Must-See Players In The MLB

Major League Baseball gets a bad wrap from many of the mainstream media outlets. They claim that the game is not exciting, that there are no superstars that hit the headlines. Through the opening forays of the 2021 season, those tropes are getting destroyed. The current TV ratings are higher than the 2020 truncated season, and the superstars are playing by their own rules. It is time to decipher who are the top five must-see players in baseball.

One – Fernando Tatis JR

There is no athlete in North America more electrifying than Fernando Tatis JR. The Padres shortstop is a charismatic, rule-breaking all-world talent. In the weekend series against the Dodgers, Tatis smashed five homers as he helped the Friars win the series. Tatis plays with a swagger and a magnetic smile. Pair with incredible ability and a fearless mentality, and Tatis JR is the most exciting player to watch in baseball.

His shortcomings in the field make him even more compelling to watch. Tatis is truly the unpredictable, unbelievable talent that is changing the game. He respects no one and owns the talent to back it up. Already the cover star of MLB The Show 21, Rob Manfred and the MLB front office has their face of the sport with Tatis JR.

Two – Shohei Ohtani

Shohei Ohtani is redefining the game of baseball. Not for 100 years has the world watched a two-way player tear it up like Ohtani is doing. The Japanese star pitches with extreme velocity and command, while his bat is elite entirely on its own. Ohtani is joint-top with seven homers. He is currently the leading Angel in that category. When Ohtani connects with the ball, it zoom’s out of ballparks. The lefty hitter’s swing is a thing of beauty, and his fast hands allow him to annihilate moonshots. Add all that to a 1.1 ERA, and Ohtani is the ultimate baseball player. Watching him is an event, and that is brilliant for baseball.

Three – Jacob DeGrom

The roar out of Queens, New York said it all, Mets fans believe Jacob DeGrom is the MVP. While it is very early to call the race, Jacob DeGrom is once again building a tapestry of pitching excellence. The Met is the dominant pitcher in baseball, he blows batters away with his fastball, and he keeps them all guessing with his offspeed stuff. DeGrom is a throwback to an era where pitchers went long into games and kept on dominating. This man can pitch above 100mph consistently, and he owns a mentality that all the greats had before him.

When he’s on the mound, nobody will stop him. In the weekend series against the Nationals, DeGrom pitched a complete game for 15 strikeouts as he shut out the 2019 champions. If you’re a connoisseur and you wish to watch elite pitching, DeGrom is the man delivering above and beyond.

Four – Ronald Acuna JR

If home runs are the currency of baseball, then Ronald Acuna JR is a self-made billionaire. The big-hitting Braves player sends balls out of the stadium regularly. Like Tatis, Acuna owns tons of swagger and then can back it up with talent. Acuna is an all-round hitter; his current batting average is .371, and he leads the league in homers. Acuna plays with a smile and fears no pitcher. Here is a player who shouts loud about how good he is, then he steps into the batter’s box and shows how good he is. The ball explodes off his bat; he is an assassin.

Five – Mookie Betts

Mookie Betts is the definition of a five-tool player. The Dodgers outfielder fields well, runs the bases, hits for power, and averages at an astonishingly high level. Betts shone in the World Series; the former Red Sock proved to be the final piece of the Dodgers’ championship puzzle. Betts is the superstar on the Dodgers team; he is a former MVP, two-time World Series winner, five-time Gold Glove Award winner, four-time Silver Slugger, and a former AL batting champion.

It is not only the accolades; Betts shines every day as he patrols the outfield at 1000 Vin Scully Way. Betts is the complete player in all of baseball. And he does it all with excitement, energy, and a million-dollar smile. Mookie Betts is the best athlete in Los Angeles, and he might be the best outfielder in baseball since Willie Mays.