The Top Five NFL Stadiums

The Top Five NFL Stadiums

Whether it’s the roar of the crowd or the architecture of the stadium or even how cold the beer might be, there are many NFL stadiums that fit the role of being “worth the ticket”. There have been a few new stadiums built in recent years, only adding to the list of “best stadiums” in the NFL. The big question is which ones would make a top-five list? Let’s check it out.

There are a few stadiums that at least deserve an honorable mention for what they bring to the NFL fan atmosphere and so much more. These stadiums just did not make the top 5 and for good reason.

Honorable mentions

State Farm Stadium- Arizona Cardinals: Since it opened in 2006, State Farm has hosted two Super Bowls and will once again host Super Bowl LVII in 2023. While at first it seemed like building a stadium in the Arizona desert was a bad decision, State Farm made sure to create the best possible fan experience. With plenty of restaurants nearby and plenty more inside the stadium, State Farm has become the ideal Super Bowl location and will see plenty more over the next decade or so.

Lucas Oil Stadium- Indianapolis Colts: Lucas Oil could easily be one of the most underrated stadiums in all of sports. Built in the middle of downtown Indy, there are restaurants, shopping, good parking, and one of the best tailgating experiences in the NFL. Not to mention, the combine is held here every season and that should say something. A stadium that can manage to host such a big event for this many years, holds some stature in the NFL.

5.) Tie between GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium and Lumen Field (Chiefs and Seahawks)

While some people might not agree with this take, I am basing this on recent developments from both of these teams. Lumen Field is much better architecturally than Arrowhead and offers much more inside the stadium as far as food options. Lumen also offers public transportation to and from the field and from what I have heard, there’s not a bad seat in the whole stadium. Lumen holds this spot based on how loud and passionate the fan base is considering they earned the name “12th man” and have held strong to that loud, ear-piercing crowd noise every single game.

Now to Arrowhead…home to one of, if not the most passionate fan base in all of football. One of the older stadiums in football now, Arrowhead is the classic fan experience with plenty of food options and not a bad seat in the house even in the upper deck, and I speak from experience. What truly has put Arrowhead into this tie for fifth, is the tailgating atmosphere. While it was was already crazy, it is even better now that the team is recent Super Bowl champs and probably will play in more in the next decade. Arrowhead is worth at least one trip, but make sure if you’re the opposing team not to get Chiefs nation too riled up or it might be a long afternoon.

4.) Mercedes-Benz Stadium- Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons opened Mercedes-Benz in 2017, and it immediately became one of the best stadiums in football being the newest field at the time. Cheap food and drinks, good service around the stadium, and there is plenty to do in the area as well. While the Falcons have fallen off a bit after playing in the Super Bowl, MBS still offers no bad seats. MBS is a stadium that offers modern technology and will more than likely be a blueprint for stadiums of the future.

3.) Lambeau Field- Green Bay Packers

Remember how I said the stadiums in the top 4 would be new stadiums? Pause on that narrative real quick for Lambeau Field. Lambeau sits comfortably in the top three due to its immense history and how the stadium is essentially the big hub of the city. Smack dab in the middle of town, Lambeau is the perfect example of what stadiums used to be like with metal bleachers but plenty of fandom to go around. The tailgating experience is one of the best based on what they can show on television, and Lambeau has stood the test of time and will continue to do until further notice.

2.) U.S. Bank Stadium- Minnesota Vikings

The fact that the Vikings have a stadium this nice after watching their former stadium’s roof collapse from snow is amazing. U.S. Bank is a step into the future with the translucent roof and that feature offers a great view of the city of Minneapolis. The translucent roof will be a feature seen across the NFL over the next 20 years and U.S. Bank has created one of the best fan experiences in the league. With plenty of food options and a comfortable environment all around, unless you are a Packers fan, U.S. Bank has it. Good job Minnesota.

1.) AT&T Stadium- Dallas Cowboys

While some people would argue for any of the top stadiums to be number one, I put AT&T at number one and it is not even close. Despite being already a decade old, AT&T offers the perfect fan experience and all of the new stadium perks with plenty to do in and around the stadium even hours before the game. AT&T has hosted many events outside of NFL football, and rightfully so with how big the stadium is on the inside and again with how much is offered in and around the stadium. Any stadium that can be as diverse as possible makes this list and AT&T is above them all. If the Cowboys can manage to bring home another title, it will all but solidify this stadium’s status in the NFL.

Now you might be wondering why I did not include the brand new SoFi Stadium (Los Angeles Rams and Chargers) or Allegiant Stadium (Las Vegas Raiders). They are not on this list because in the COVID-riddled 2020 season, neither stadium was open to fans for the NFL season. Thus, these stadiums are still a mystery for what they offer to the NFL fan base overall. However, this list will see SoFi and Allegiant at the top of the list at the end of the season considering they are looking like the best stadiums in football and sports overall for a while without having anyone even step foot inside yet.

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