The USFL: A Hope For A System Upgrade

The USFL: A Hope For A System Upgrade

Another football league resurrects; Welcome back, USFL.

In 1982, a new football league started to compete with the so-so NFL product. Guys like Steve Young, Reggie White, and most well-known Doug Flutie spent a chunk of their careers in the start-up. It was played in the spring but kept the NFL on its toes when it came to competition. 

This league was the USFL.

The USFL gave fans one of the most electric running backs, Herschel Walker, juking and sprinting his way down the field. He looked as if he was in a completely different tier than everyone else on the field. Without the USFL, where would the Buffalo Bills find their quarterbacks for those tragic Super Bowl appearances.

Unfortunately, it disbanded in 1986. In 2021, it returns. 

The USFL returns in the spring of 2022 after it was announced today on social media. They partnered with Fox Sports broadcasting every game. The league stated that the original 8 teams return in the rebirth as well. 

Co-founder of the revamped football league, Brian Woods, stated to the media today about what he envisioned for the league’s future. 

“We look forward to providing players a new opportunity to compete in a professional football league,” Woods said. “Giving fans everywhere the best football viewing product possible during what is typically a period devoid of professional football.” 

The USFL is not the only spring football league kicking off in 2022. The XFL’s newest owner, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, has been promoting the rebirth of the XFL for the past year.

Both spring football leagues are looking to give players a different avenue to be drafted in the NFL. The difference comes with the talent itself.

The players will be hungrier than the NFL professionals. They realize that this is an opportunity to achieve every child’s dream of playing in a Super Bowl. If done correctly, these leagues have the opportunity to be considered as a minor league system for the NFL. 

This new path to the league will not be easy, but shown signs of success. The XFL’s most entertaining QB, PJ Walker, found a home in Carolina after the league disbanded in March, 2020. Walker paved the road for future stars but not just from the XFL; they will have to make room for the new guy in town.

The USFL’s return brings excitement to football fans. It is improbable it will be a true competitor to the NFL, but I have seen crazier things happen in the past year. 

Good Luck, Brian. You might need it.

Pat Pitts

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