Things To Look At Before Choosing Sportsbooks To Bet

Things To Look At Before Choosing Sportsbooks To Bet

Hey everyone, it’s Sam here to answer the question about choosing sportsbooks in a continuation about Sports Betting Tips. So many of you ask questions on Reddit or Twitter about where do you place your bets? I would love to tell you one, but I can’t. I usually bet on more than one sportsbook every day. For you to get started, you have to find what sportsbooks are available in your state and if you are eligible to sign up.

Disclaimer: We are not financial advisers, this is not financial advice. Bet at your own risk.

Shopping For Sportsbooks

You have to shop different lines at different sportsbooks to get the most bang for your buck. They will usually be slightly different while other books may vary completely different. Some sportsbooks like Bovada can be said to be an underdog book. They usually give better spreads or better juice on underdogs. Remember that Run Lines in Baseball and Puck Lines in Hockey rarely vary a lot from sportsbook to sportsbook. However, spreads in the NFL or NBA plus college sports can vary widely.

So, you could see the Cowboys at -4 over the Washington Football Team at FanDuel. That sounds good but always check other books. At DraftKings, they have the Cowboys at -3.5 over Washington. It could be the difference between a push or not. On a push, you get your money back.

Reputation of the Sportsbooks

The reputation of the sportsbook you select is definitely something you need to consider. Since so many states are allowing betting on sports to be legal, there are a lot of options to select from. I personally should start with a name you trust or some sportsbooks that are established until you get comfortable.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Speed and the different fees should be the first things you consider. These can be make or break decisions. I personally don’t want to wait 30 days for my winnings. So, please consider whether the sportsbooks will accept credit cards? Does your card count a sportsbooks deposit to be a cash advance? Does the payment gateway (like Pay Pal) have any fees? Are there any minimum deposits or withdrawals?

Which Cards Do They Accept?

Not all sports will accept certain credit cards. Like for instance, American Express charges higher fees to the merchant than most other cards do. So, many sportsbooks don’t use them as an option.


You need to read the fine print of the bonus offers. Most require a rollover anywhere from 5x to 50x the initial deposit plus the bonus. You will need to look at the minimum and maximum bets, the maximum number of teams for parlays, and to look at live betting.

Remember, these are just opinions and should be used as fun to get more into the games. If you want to hear the why behind these reasons, please listen and subscribe to Daily Sports Betting Overtime. Write below to say what you think about these tips. Good Luck! I’ll talk to you soon and see you down the road.

Samantha L. Sayre

Hey everyone, I'm a sports fanatic about all sports (Yes, even soccer I suppose), not just a fan. I even occasionally gamble on sports which means daily for my podcast - Daily Sports Betting Overtime. I love college sports especially my Florida Gators, but also am into the NFL, Nascar, and Pro Wrestling. I even have a podcast about that too called Pro Wrestling Overtime. I've been both a high school and middle school coach. I was the youngest coach of any sport in my state until 2 years ago when it was broken. Also, have a State Championship to my name as an assistant coach in boys' high school basketball.

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