Thoughts On The Green Bay Packers Day Two Picks

With the 62nd pick in the 2021 NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers selected Josh Myers, a center from Ohio State; the same school Corey Linsley came out of. Myers was the second center drafted after Dickerson was taken by the Eagles at #37. There had been a bit of a run on tackles earlier, so there wasn’t much left at that position. Interestingly enough, Creed Humphrey was taken at the next pick by the Chiefs.

After that, no centers were taken until #98 when Meinerz was taken by Denver. So, no run-on centers were going on. The Packers could have traded down into probably the low 70’s and still gotten Myers. With that being said, Myers is a good player, and will probably start at the center from day one. It’s just the value wasn’t great.

This pick does say a lot about how the Packers view the future along the offensive line. There have been a lot of questions on what the Packers will do there. As far as in 2021 and beyond, when will Bahktiari be back? Once he’s back, who starts? And, of course, who starts next season with the Packers already 20 million over the projected cap.

With Myers, they have five starters until Bahktiari comes back. Myers will probably start at center, Turner will start at one tackle spot, Jenkins will probably start at the other, and the two guard spots will go to Jon Runyan and Lucas Patrick. Once Bahktiari comes back, though, then what do they do? Bakhtiari obviously goes back to left tackle. Myers probably stays at center. Does Jenkins go back to guard? Or, does he play right tackle? Where does Turner go? Runyan is a guard through and through, so either he starts at one guard spot or goes back to the bench.

Finally, where does Patrick go? maybe he pushes Myers to the bench? or does he push Runyan back to the bench? There is still a lot for the Packers to figure out for 2021. Beyond that, things seem pretty clear pending the rest of the draft.

In regards to 2022 and beyond, if the Packers do not draft an offensive tackle, then that makes their plans pretty clear. It means Jenkins will probably be the right tackle of the future. Bakhtiari is set at left tackle for the foreseeable future. Myers is the center of the future. Turner next offseason will have one year left on his deal that he probably won’t see with the cap crunch the Packers will be in.

With how Runyan played as a rookie, you expect he will be a long-term starter at one of the guard spots. So, that locks down left tackle, one guard spot, and center. That tells me the Packers will put Jenkins at right tackle because there will be no other tackles on the roster. They can fill in the other guard spot with Patrick if they resign him, or it could go to Stepaniak. So, the future of the Packers’ o-line will be interesting to see.

The Packers surprising everyone and trading up in the 3rd round. They traded up with the Titans from pick 92 up to pick 85, giving up their early 4th round pick #135. Gutekunst moved up and finally draft a wide receiver! Fans, rejoice!

With pick #85 in the third round, the Green Bay Packers selected Amari Rodgers from Clemson. The 5’9 receiver from Clemson is a great slot/gadget receiver. But, Gutekunst lied to us! Just yesterday, he was quoted as saying that they don’t stray from their thresholds at receiver. Rodgers falls about two inches short of their receiver threshold.

He is compared a lot to Randall Cobb, which makes sense. Another comparison is Ty Montgomery which makes more sense to me. He will be more of a gadget player for the Packers. He will return punts, see some snaps in the backfield and some in the slot.

The issue with this pick is they traded up for a player who will be a gadget player. A guy who will probably touch the ball maybe five to six times a game, and that’s including punt returns. Also, you will have to scheme things for him. With how the rest of the 3rd round went, they probably could have just stayed at 92 and still gotten him. Only two more receivers were taken after him; Nico Collins and Anthony Schwartz. Both totally different players from him.

His RAS score was not very good, and being 5’9 with only 30″ arms doesn’t help. He goes has good strong hands and is a good route runner; he’s a physical runner as well. Don’t be surprised to see him end up as basically a running back in the NFL. That is why the Ty Montgomery comp makes sense. He’s like him except a more physical runner. At 212, he could still even put on a few more pounds, and play around 216-218. Even at running back though, he wouldn’t get much playing time the next couple of years with both Jones and Dillon as the #1 and #2 backs.

Just watching his film, you can see he doesn’t have that second gear to take off and get away from any defensive back. His agility is also just average, so he will have trouble getting away from tacklers. Even some of his big plays were not really big plays by him; just a bad play by the defender. Rodgers has a place in the NFL and will be a decent player. But, worth trading away a fourth to move up eight spots? No.

Before they took Rodgers, the receivers left at #85 were: Tylan Wallace, Cade Johnson, Rodgers, St. Brown, Collins, Eskridge, Austin Watkins, and others, of course. Even Wallace would have been a better fit for the offense. He offers pretty much the same skill set as Rodgers, but also he is two inches taller and has shown he can play on the outside as well. Collins has a lot more upside obviously. St Brown has a similar skill set as well. So, trading up for a guy they could have gotten at their original pick, just doesn’t make sense.

I hope he proves me wrong.