Three Bold Cowboys Predictions For Cowboys Versus Patriots: Week Six

Three Bold Cowboys Predictions For Cowboys Versus Patriots: Week Six

The Dallas Cowboys versus the New England Patriots. A matchup that does not happen very often; in fact, they’ve only played 13 times against each other. That being said, it is a new era for the Patriots with Tom Brady gone. That brings a whole new approach to the Patriots, in my opinion. Let’s check out three bold predictions for the week six matchup between Dallas and New England.

Dallas Will Have 300 Passing Yards And 150 Rushing Yards

While this might seem like quite a stretch against what is still a pretty solid Patriots defense, hear me out. Dallas is averaging 266.8 passing yards per game to the tune of 13 touchdowns and three interceptions. Dallas is also averaging 172.8 rushing yards per game with six touchdowns. The New England defense has held opponents to 206.6 passing yards and 111 rushing yards per game. Dallas has shown glimpses of finding the holes in defenses and ensuring they continue to expose them for big plays.

I see no reason why Dallas won’t approach the New England defense the same way. Kellen Moore has openly said that the offense will look different every week, and Week Six will do just that. Look for the Cowboys’ offense to come out and punch New England in the mouth early. 300 passing yards and 150 rushing yards total in week six from Dak and company.

Dallas Will Have More Sacks Than Mac Jones Does Touchdowns

Now here is where I am taking a leap of faith. While Dallas’ defense has played far better than expected, getting sacks has not been a massive part of their production. Dallas has been able to pressure quarterbacks into making mistakes and throwing interceptions rather than sacks or fumbles. However, in Week Six, I think Dallas could change that and get more sacks. Dallas has the right guys up front to pressure Mac Jones, but they will get to him now. I do not think Trevon Diggs will get another interception this week, but the front-line guys will rack up the sacks.

Dallas is aware that Jones is a rookie, but they will still need to plan as if he is a veteran quarterback. Dallas will get home and have more sacks than Mac Jones has touchdowns. Jones has been efficient throwing the ball this season, but enough Dallas pressure will surely change that in week six. Another big week for the Dallas defense is on the way, folks.

Dallas Won’t Punt More Than Two Times

Again, I am reaching and hoping for a humongous game from Dallas. I think the Dallas offense will be able to move the ball better than in past weeks. Dallas has been notorious for scoring, and then the next few drives were stalling out and punting. In Week Six, I think Dallas will shred the New England defense and only punt a total of two times.

I will take it even further and say both punts will happen by halftime and then no punts at all in the second half. This prediction is the boldest considering how much Dallas punts the ball during games sometimes. However, Dallas will prove everyone wrong and dominate on offense and not need to punt more than twice.

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