Three Bold Predictions For Chiefs Versus Bills

Three Bold Predictions For Chiefs Versus Bills

The Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Buffalo Bills for the third time in the last 12 months. It is the game of the week in the NFL, and I have predictions for how it will go.

The Chiefs Defense Will Play Well

My first bold prediction is that the Chiefs’ defense will look better. No, I am not saying the 2001 Baltimore Ravens defense is coming to Arrowhead Sunday night. It is a bold prediction, not a psychotic prediction. My prediction is that the defense will be better than all of you expect them to be.

Right now, you are all expecting a 50-52 game like the Chiefs had against the Los Angeles Rams in 2019. My prediction is that the Bills do not even reach 30 points on Sunday night. Frank Cark will be back in the lineup, giving the Chiefs another option at the defensive end opposite Chris Jones. Willie Gay Jr will likely see his first snaps of the season. Charcandrick Ward is the least likely of the injured players to suit up Sunday, but Rashad Fenton will be a go.

Fewer injuries mean more talent will be on the field for the Chiefs’ defense. More talent leads to more plays being made that have not been made to this point in the season. It is also more starters on the field, leading to guys being where they are supposed to be. That has been the Chiefs’ biggest problem on defense so far; it’s missed tackles and miscommunication presnap.

I am not expecting Clark to become Derrick Thomas or Gay to become Derrick Johnson. But if they can be where they should be and make the tackles they should make, that will be a significant improvement. The Chiefs’ defense does not need to be top five, but they’ll be good enough when they play at a top 20 level on Sunday.

Gordon Will Score A Touchdown

My second bold prediction is that Josh Gordon will score a touchdown in his first game as a Chief. I am not predicting he will dominate like the Gordon of 2013; I do not believe we will ever see that. But the Chief will force-feed Gordon on Sunday night.

The Chiefs have been propping Gordon up more than any free agent they have ever signed under Andy Reid and Brett Veach. Tyrann Mathieu has said he looks like Hall of Famer Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. We have seen Reid and Eric Bieniemy praise Gordon every chance they have had.

When a team sells a player as hard as the Chiefs have, you know they will do their best to make that move payoff. I am sure Gordon will still be on a play count with a limited number of plays on Sunday, so he will not be at 100%. But he will have a set of plays, and the team will call his number multiple times throughout the game.

There will be a time when the Chiefs are close to the endzone, inside the 10-yard line. That is when Gordon’s number will be called in front of 76,000 at Arrowhead. It will be on one of those touch pass jet sweep plays or a quick slant with a rub. But mark it down; the Chiefs will make sure Gordon finds the endzone.

The Chiefs Will Win Big

My third prediction is that the Chiefs will not only win, but they will win BIG! My score prediction is Chiefs 45 to the Bills 27.

This Sunday night, nationally televised game, the Chiefs will make a statement. I actually should not say the Chiefs because I do not think Reid cares about making statements. Reid does not like to run up scores, and he does not care about statements. But the players are on social media and know what people around the country are saying.

People have overreacted to the Chiefs’ early struggles so much there are guys on Good Morning Football saying that Josh Allen is the best quarterback in the NFL. We all know how much Patrick Mahomes takes things like this; personally, that is not good for the Bills.

The Chiefs will be rocking their all-red uniforms, and Arrowhead will be loud, a sound Allen has never heard before. The defense will be at nearly full strength for the first time this season with something to prove. Offensively the Chiefs will continue their unstoppability and proving that they are the best in the league.

All of this adds up to the Chiefs winning on Sunday and winning big. Of course, Reid will do his best to keep the score close as not to embarrass a friend. But no matter the score, the nation will walk away from Sunday night football knowing that the Chiefs are still the best team in the NFL.

Britt Zank

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