Three Chiefs Players That Trended Up And Down In Chiefs Versus Bills: Week Five

Three Chiefs Players That Trended Up And Down In Chiefs Versus Bills: Week Five

Well, Sunday night was an absolute nightmare of a game as the Bills trampled the Chiefs 38-20. The defense in the first half was garbage, and the offense in the second half just fell off. Many things went wrong; however, some players trended up in this heartbreaking loss while some did indeed trend down. Here are three Chiefs’ players that trended both up and down in Week Five against the Buffalo Bills:

Trended Up: Nick Bolton, LB

The Chiefs have a weak linebacking core, and one of the only bright spots for this Chiefs’ defense was Nick Bolton. Bolton was the Chiefs’ leading tackler on Sunday with six tackles, all solo ones. He also had two tackles for a loss. Yes, he had lapses in coverage, but he honestly did well in the run game, and those tackles for a loss prove it.

Bolton has done a solid job on this defense for the better part of these past five games, which have been ugly for the defense. Hopefully, he continues to develop, but he was a key player for this Chiefs’ defense until then.

Trended Down: Daniel Sorensen, S

While he did have four tackles, he also had a lot of blown coverages. Missed tackles and blown coverages; who else but Sorensen to accomplish both. It’s like I can never get an accurate read on him; in one game, he can have the most clutch plays, and on the other hand, he can just be exposed with ease. As one of my colleagues told me, it’s “the duality of Dirty Dan.” I think Tyrann can express this better than I can:

I think it’s time to bring Thornhill back to the starting line-up with the evidence above. Sorensen has been a liability on the defense, and while I believe he can be a solid backup, he is not someone I trust as a starter. He’s way too inconsistent, and he had one of the worst showings for the Chiefs. Also, he has the most missed tackles this year at 12, so that’s fun to look at.

Trended Up: Mecole Hardman, WR

Did you think Hill or Kelce were the leading receivers on Sunday? Well, it was one player who gets flamed a lot by the Chiefs’ fandom; it’s none other than Mecole Hardman. Hardman had nine catches on 12 targets for 76 yards, with a 26-yard reception. He bulled over DBs, showed great YAC abilities with his speed and agility, and he also had a fantastic toe-tap catch as well. It was every Chiefs fan wanted, and then some.

Trended Down: Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB

Before anyone says anything, no, this is not because he was injured. Helaire was playing poorly before he was taken to the locker room anyway. Helaire was not efficient running the ball, as he only had 13 yards on seven carries, averaging under two yards per run. Darrel Williams outperformed him; he had 27 rushing yards on only five attempts, averaging 5.4 yards per run.

Helaire had a rough game, and it only got worse with his MCL sprain, which will keep him sidelined for a few weeks. It hurts to see, so hopefully, he’ll bounce back after he returns later this season.

Trended Up: Darrel Williams, RB

With Helaire out, Williams soared. As stated above, he had 27 rushing yards on only five attempts, averaging 5.4 yards per run; moreover, he had three catches on five targets for 18 yards. He did this all in 43%of offensive snaps and handled six of the seven RB opportunities after Helaire exited the game. Furthermore, he is trending up because he will be the start for the foreseeable future; he should be a solid power RB to fill in for Helaire’s absence.

Trended Down: Chiefs Pass Rush/Defensive Line

I know this isn’t a player, but what the hell is this Chiefs’ pash rush? Remember the days of Houston, Hali, and Johnson, along with Dontari Poe? Remember when the Chiefs had a pass rush? Well, it looks like we can only dream because it was non-existent on Sunday night. The Chiefs only amounted to one QB hit from Mike Danna and had zero sacks on the night.

It’s like I can’t fault one player for this embarrassment as it was a team effort. Not even Frank Clark, the DE the Chiefs are paying top-dollar to produce pressure and sacks, isn’t up to the plate. Hopefully, it picks up before the bulk of the season starts chugging on through. Without a pass rush, Chiefs’ fans can forget about a Super Bowl or playoff run.

Who do you think trended up and down in this loss against the Bills? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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