Three Chiefs’ Players That Trended Up And Down @ WFT: Week Six

October 18, 2021

Yesterday was a great day for all Chiefs’ fans as the Chiefs won against Washington 31-13. It was shaky in the second half, but the Chiefs toughened up and held WFT to zero points in the second half as the Chiefs’ scored 21 unanswered. It was amazing to see the offense and defense click like that, as it hasn’t happened all year. Maybe this is the spark that will allow the Chiefs to go on a tear throughout the rest of the year.

Well, as all games go, some players trended up and down yesterday in this blowout victory. Here are the three Chiefs’ players that did just that:

Trended Up: Darrel Williams, RB

In Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s absence, Williams had to deliver a huge game to keep the offense explosive this week. It’s safe to say he did just that by having a monster day; while he averaged three yards per run (21 carries, 62 yards), he also attributed two of the Chiefs’ touchdowns on the ground. He also had three catches for 27 yards:

You cannot tell me he didn’t trend up this week; Williams did everything he had to do to secure this win for the Chiefs. He ran through contact, showed great vision in the redzone, and made a receiving difference in the backfield. Even when CEH comes back, Williams deserves a lot more snaps; it’s safe to say he’s earned it.

Trended Down: Ben Niemann, LB

I don’t understand how Niemann still has a job with the Chiefs. Niemann underperformed, only having three tackles (two solo), and was shown to take some pretty bad tackling angles this week as well. He also sucked in coverage, allowing Ricky Seal-Jones, former Chiefs TE, to get an easy 39-yard catch-and-go TD pass from Heinicke. Also, he pushed him into the endzone once Jones crossed the goal line; you do you, Niemann.

If Dorian O’Daniel were to get Niemann’s snaps, I wouldn’t see an issue with it. I feel as though O’Daniel would serve a better role there aside from Niemann. This Chiefs’ linebacking core isn’t the best, but I feel like it’s ten times better when Niemann isn’t out there. When he’s on the field, he’s a massive liability to the Chiefs’ defense.

Trended Up: Rashad Fenton, CB

Out of all Chiefs’ CBs today, Fenton showed out without a doubt, proving that this secondary isn’t all just Mathieu and Sneed. Fenton had seven total tackles along with two pass deflections, making him one of the best secondary performers this week. I can always like him for his speed and agility, which helps him work in Man coverage.

This Chiefs’ secondary has had a rough going this week, so with Fenton’s performance being one of the best, it was great to see him shine. He was a tremendous sixth-round pick back in 2019, always showing out and being one of the most underrated players on the Chiefs’ roster. It may be time to bring Fenton Island back into play for the fun of it.

Trended Down: Frank Clark, DE

Clark has been underwhelming, to say the least. One play, in particular, was one of the main reasons why he is trending down as of late. Clark wraps Heinicke up for a would-be sack; however, Clark doesn’t finish, letting Heinicke get up and continue the play. Luckily, other pass rushers were there to back him up and get Heinicke to the ground.

Clark also only had one tackle, compared to other edge rushers like Alex Okafor (four) and Mike Danna (two). I know we need him this season, but he’s not showing the contract worth. All fans hope that he can pick it up as the season continues.

Trended Up: Tershawn Wharton, DT

Wharton was expected to make this list from his emphatic interception alone this week. He didn’t play a motherload of snaps this week, but that snap count may go up after his performance. He had one tackle and was also able to run stuff well this week, but the main play he made was one the best interceptions this season and maybe in Chiefs’ history:

Just look at the absolute snag Wharton was able to accomplish while the Washington offensive lineman was blocking him. It takes extreme concentration to pull that off, and he was able to do just that. Everyone loves a big man INT, and you’ll be seeing him in complications on Youtube soon enough.

Trended Down: Jerick McKinnon, RB

McKinnon had a lackluster day when you compare it to Williams’s monster day. McKinnon had four targets on the day, with only one of them going for a catch and a measly five yards. His rushing end wasn’t much better, tallying three carries for just ten yards, averaging 3.3 yards per run.

Yes, he did run over three guys for a first down; and yes, it was a fantastic play. However, his day was outshined by Williams a lot, and it wasn’t the best performance overall when looking at the stat sheet, which makes me place him in the trending down area. He may have a better game next time around; he, and all players, can find ways to turn it around in a cinch.

Who do you think trended up or down this week against WFT? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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