Three Free Agents That Could Help The Packers

The Green Bay Packers are certainly focused on the NFL Draft that will occurr in less than a week. However, the team has a variety of needs that the Draft cannot solve right away. Of course, some of their newly drafted rookies will see some playing time, and some may even start from Day One. That being said, the team likely will need to add another free agent or two before the season begins. Before this happens, the team will need to figure out a way to create more salary cap space. There are a few ways they can do this, including reworking Aaron Rodgers’ contract or extending Davante Adams. In any case, if/when the Packers finally take the dive into free agency, these are three players they could look into signing.

Dennis Kelly- Offensive Tackle

Offensive line wills surly be an area that the Packers address in the upcoming NFL Draft. However, it is also an area in which the Packers find themselves thin for a variety of reasons. David Bakhtiari is out until late in the season as he rehabs from a torn ACL. Rick Wagner was cut due to salary cap concerns. Corey Linsley signed a lucrative free agent deal with the Los Angeles Chargers. In short, the Packers’ offensive line has gone from a position of depth to one with some concerns.

Dennis Kelly would be a good depth signing for the Packers. He is an eight-year veteran that has played for the Philadelphia Eagles and Tennessee Titans. After spending most of his career as a second-string lineman, he started all 16 games for the Titans last season. Primarily a right tackle, he can help fill the hole left by Wagner’s departure.

Kelly would also be an affordable signing for the cap-conscious Packers. Last year, he made $1.5 million as his base salary. Realistically, the Packers could sign him for anywhere between $1.5 million to $5 million. At nearly 32 years old, he likely will not command a long contract, nor would he get much guarnteed money anywhere he signs.

Damon “Snacks” Harrison- Interior Defensive Lineman

The Packers were able to finally acquire Damon “Snacks” Harrison late last season after failing to acquire him earlier in his career. Despite not playing much, Snacks was a great lockerroom presence and still interacts with his Packers’ teammates on social media. It appears that he loved his time with the Packers and may be interested in keeping it going.

Interior defensive line is certainly still an area of need for the Packers. Many mock drafts have them taking Christian Barrmore out of Alabama in the first round in an attempt to add depth and playmaking ability to the position. That being said, having a veteran like Snacks on the team would not be a bad thing.

At 32 years old, Harrison would not demand a long-term deal and will likely play for less money to be a part of a contender. The Packers are certainly a contender, and could make the right deal work if they can create some salary cap space.

Richard Sherman- Cornerback

The Green Bay Packers and their fans are very familiar with Richard Sherman. For years, Sherman and his Seahawks’ defense were one of the Packers’ greatest rivals. Things have changed, of course, and Sherman has spent the last few seasons with the San Francisco 49ers. Now a free agent, Sherman may be looking to get back to the Super Bowl as he is now 33 years old.

The cornerback position is certainly one of need for the Packers. Like the previous two positions, it will likely be addressed in the Draft, and could be adderssed as early as the first round. That being said, having a veteran like Richard Sherman on a relatively young group for defensive backs could be very beneficial.

Sherman’s best days are undoubtedly behind him, but that does not mean he is completely washed up. With Jaire Alexander being assigned the opponents’ top receivers in coverage, Sherman would be able to cover receivers closer to his current speed and ability. In any case, a 33-year old Richard Sherman would still be a massive upgrade at the second starting cornerback position over Kevin King.

Of course, the question is whether or not the Packers could afford Sherman. Without a doubt, he would have to take less money to play for Green Bay than he could get elsewhere. If he wants to win now, though, the Packers may be a desireable destination for him, and he may be willing to take less.


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