Three Key Buccaneers’ Players In The Super Bowl

Today, we will be covering three key players for the Bucs in the Super Bowl. This will certainly be an extremely challenging game on both sides of the ball. All of us are expecting a classic, and I’m sure we won’t get anything different with these two legendary quarterbacks going at it. Besides the obvious importance of Tom Brady, there are three other key players on the Bucs that are going to need to step in to win this game:

#1 Rob Gronkowski, TE

Gronk is arguably the greatest tight end to ever play the game. He has also been playing with the greatest QB of all time for all of his career; the chemistry is certainly still there even if the production of Gronk has gone down this year. Tampa is absolutely loaded at the receiver position and they have been all year. In a game like this, Gronk should be able to escape the double teams and be able to get open.

The red zone is where Gronk will be dangerous. The connection between those two in the red zone has been virtually unbeatable since they started playing together. He will need to come up big on Sunday in the red zone if they want to go punch for punch with the high powered offense of Kansas City.

Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Antonio Brown will have the majority of coverage from the Chiefs’ secondary. This needs to be a situation that Brady and Gronk take complete advantage of for them to succeed.

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#2 Devin White, LB

All of the star power in Tampa is on the offensive side of the ball, most people would assume. However, this is a very underrated defense that has come a long way since Week 1 of the regular season. They had many questions going into the year on how they would support Brady and this offense.

They were in a really tough situation last year due to the insane number of turnovers caused by former Bucs QB Jameis Winston. This time around, it was safe to say they got an upgrade at QB this offseason.

White is the clear vocal leader of this defense and clearly their best and most consistent player as well. He can get to the QB on a great pass rush on any given play. He can also cause turnovers and headaches for the opposing offense on a game to game basis.

He isn’t a part of this questionable secondary, which may be the one weakness of this team; but, upfront, he is a force. The Chiefs are missing two tackles on both sides of Mahomes. He will need to put pressure on Mahomes for them to win this game.

#3 Scotty Miller, WR

If you’re like me and have seen your fair share of Patriot games over the years, you would know that Brady loves his little receivers. Scotty Miller is another perfect example of that. He is a little receiver that defenses have a hard time remembering.

He can also get open at any given moment in the game. Scotty also has crazy downfield speed, maybe the fastest on the entire team. Brady loves hitting him on the deep ball just as much as he loves hitting Mike Evans with the deep ball.

In a similar situation with Gronk, Miller will not have a lot of attention coming his way from the defense. They are going to have to match with Kansas City on every level offensively. This means they can not afford to settle for chip shot field goals. Along with protection from the offensive line, Brady is going to need all of his weapons to step up, even little Scotty Miller. He could be the hero that no one expected when it’s all said and done.

These players are going to need to step up in a big way on Sunday. This game will definitely be one to remember despite who you are cheering for. I’m hoping for a back and forth high scoring game with these two amazing QB’s, doing everything they can to win.

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