Three Potential Landing Spots For Kyle Lowry

With rumors of Kyle Lowry and the Toronto Raptors agreeing to part ways, many teams may be willing to add the NBA champion for a playoff run. The Raptors are currently sixth in the West with a record of 15-15, but the veteran point guard is on an expiring deal and could likely leave Toronto this offseason.

The Raptors would like to get something out of him before he leaves as one of the best Raptors of all-time. Here are three trade destinations that both help Lowry and the Toronto Raptors.

New Orleans Pelicans

Offer: Kyle Lowry and Terrence Davis for Lonzo Ball, Nicolo Melli, JJ Redick, 2021 Pelicans 1st Round Pick, 2021 2nd Round Pick (Best of Cavs/Wizards)

New Orleans sits at the 12th seed in the West at 12-17 but many media pundits predicted them to perform much better. Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson have been great, but the Pelicans lack identity. By acquiring Lowry for a package surrounded by Lonzo Ball, the Pelicans can acquire an all-star point guard who can help push them into the playoffs.

For the Raptors, acquiring Ball and Redick would likely still be competitors for this season and would also acquire a mid-tier first-round pick. Although Toronto would also be moving Terence Davis in this trade. Many Raptors fans would not miss him due to his legal issues.

Dallas Mavericks

Offer: Kyle Lowry and Aron Baynes for Tim Hardaway Jr, James Johnson, Tyrell Terry, and Josh Green

Dallas is another team that has started slow. The Mavericks are 13-15, but not due to poor play by Luka Doncic. Doncic, recently named an all-star starter, is averaging 29 ppg this season, but the issue with the Mavericks has been defense. The Mavs currently have the 27th ranked defense in the league. By acquiring Lowry for some young players and expiring deals, the Mavericks would have another ball-handler to play off of Luka and could expect a playoff run.

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For the Raptors, they would acquire two incredibly talented young players, as well as the expiring deals of Hardaway and Johnson. Baynes has not been great this season and by moving him, the Raptors could take his contract off the books. Hardaway would have an opportunity in an increased role to showcase his skills as he looks to get a big contract with this free agency.

Philadelphia 76ers

Three Team Deal: Raptors acquire Mike Scott, Tony Snell, Terrance Ferguson, Tony Bradley, 2022 1st from 76ers, 3 2nd round picks (2 from Atlanta); 76ers acquire Kyle Lowry; Hawks acquire Danny Green

Lowry, a Philadelphia native, has never been shy in discussing his home ties. As he reaches the end of his career and the 76ers are making a title run, Lowry could be the perfect piece to help the Sixers reach the finals. His defensive prowess and playmaking skills fit the team’s mindset well, and in this offer, the 76ers would be giving up very little of their rotation.

For the Raptors, acquiring a picks package as well as young players and expiring contracts is probably the best you can hope for in a return for Kyle Lowry. The expiring contracts of Mike Scott and Tony Snell allow the Raptors to remain flexible. They also acquire Ferguson and Bradley, who are solid young pieces.

Also for the Hawks, upgrading from Tony Snell to Danny Green at the cost of two second-rounders is a no-brainer for a team struggling to make the playoffs. Green is a perfect “3 and D” pairing next to star point guard Trae Young. Green’s veteran presence and championship pedigree would bode well in a relatively young locker room.

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