Tim Tebow Announces Retirement And Other News From The MLB

There was a lot of breaking news last week in MLB.

The big story was Fernando Tatis signing a 14 year, 340 million dollar contract with the San Diego Padres.

With baseball revenue down and the losses approaching three billion dollars in 2020, it is quite shocking that we had two of the largest contracts in MLB history signed the last two weeks.

Trevor Bauer is getting 102 million dollars for three years from the LA Dodgers, and then Fernando Tatis signing for 340 million dollars deal last week.

It’s safe to say these owners have deeper pockets than they are letting on.

Here are some other baseball stories that you may have missed last week:

—Tim Tebow, who had an invitation to spring training with the New York Mets, told the Mets, thanks but no thanks as he announced his retirement.

“Loved every minute of the journey, but at this time, I feel called in other directions. I never want to be partially in on anything. I always want to be 100 percent in on whatever I choose. Thank you again for everyone’s support of this awesome journey in baseball. I’ll always cherish my time as a Met.”

Tebow’s baseball career lasted four seasons. His best season was 2018 with AA Binghamton when he hit .278 with six homers in 84 games.

—The 2021 season will Albert Pujol’s final season. Pujols wife, Deidre, on Instagram, said that the ten-time All-Star would hang up the glove and spikes at the end of the 2021 season.

This will be Pujol’s 21st season in the big leagues, and there is no doubt he will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Pujols played the 11 years of his career in St. Louis, leading the Cardinals to two World Series Championships before joint the Los Angeles Angels. Pujols is fifth on the all-time home run list with 662.

—Phillies Cather J.T. Realmuto is hoping to be ready for opening day after fracturing his thumb. Realmuto just signed a five-year, 115.5 million dollar contract just before reporting to spring training.

“I can still do everything else baseball activity-wise, other than throw and also hitting,” Realmuto said. “I’m not going to hit for a while. But I can stretch with the team. I can do conditioning with the team. I’ll be there for the bullpens and be able to catch those and work with the pitchers and still have those conversations and be able to catch the new guys that I haven’t seen yet. I won’t be able to throw the ball back. I’ll just flip it to somebody, and they’ll throw it back for me.”

Realmuto will know more in two weeks when he gets his cast off.

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—The Toronto Blue Jays will open the 2021 regular season in Dunedin, Florida, at their spring training facility.

The plan is for the Blue Jays to play the first two homestands in Dunedin before re-evaluating the situation and determining their next move.

The NBA’s Toronto Raptors have announced they will stay in Tampa to play the rest of the regular season, including the playoffs.

There is still only essential travel allowed across the border between the US and Canada. Sports teams going across the border do not count as necessary travel.

—Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has already shut down speculation about the closer role on the Dodgers. Roberts said this week that Kenley Jansen would be the closer to start the season. This despite his struggles in the post-season.

Jansen entering the last year of his 80 million dollar contract will be the closer from game one:

“I’ve talked about it before in the sense that we’re at our best if Kenley is closing for us,” Roberts said. Kenley looks fantastic. As I sit here right now, I expect him to close that first game of the season.”