Titans Takeaways: Key Takeaways After The Titans Huge Week Seven Win

October 25, 2021

Coming off of their huge win on Monday night in week six, the Titans were in a prime spot for a “back down to Earth” game. Boy, did they make sure that wasn’t the case by coming out and manhandling the defending AFC Champion Kansas City Chiefs in a 27-3 game that was never close. Offensively the Titans rolled out of the gate, defensively they never let KC get going, and they seemingly could do nothing wrong. Let just in and take a look at a few of the bigger things I took away from the game.

AJ Brown Is BACK

It took a handful of games and bout with some bad Chipotle, but AJ Brown is finally being that elite playmaker for the Titans offense. After a 7-91 performance in week six, week seven he picked right back up with a 8-133-1 game. The scary part of that is AJB did most of his damage in the first half. Had the game been closer, there’s no telling how that stat line ends up. That’s the AJ Brown the Titans need to see weekly in order to keep their offense on track.

OC Todd Downing Rounding Into Form

Again, it took a handful of weeks, but the Titans offense is finally clicking on all cylinders. Between their last two games (and excluding one kneel down) the Titans offense recorded 11 straight scoring drives. The offense is humming, and a large part of that is the increase in the use of play action in the passing game. as you can see in the tweet below, the Titans are using a much higher rate of play action their last two games, which directly correlates to the Titans offensive success. Downing is realizing that, and it’s allowing the offense to get back to the elite play they experienced for much of 2020.

Derrick Henry, MVP

As I stated earlier, the Titans are leaving heavily on the play action game to throw the football. Now, while there is no direct correlation to rushing success and play action passing being successful, Derrick Henry’s impact on the play action game is palpable.

Teams have to respect the run fake with Henry, otherwise he’s going to be into your second level before you blink, and that’s a nightmare for defenses. And when linebackers have to hesitate to play the run, that opens up the windows in the secondary that the Titans offense is so adept at attacking. Henry didn’t have a huge impact on the stat sheet Sunday, but his impact was felt elsewhere throughout the game. If that doesn’t scream MVP, the award is broken.

Also, he throws now. So have fun stopping that as well.

Defensive Pressure Showing Out

Moving on to the other side of the ball, the Titans defense put together their best performance of the year against the best QB in football. The defensive front is putting together a fantastic year, which continued Sunday. The Titans accounted for 22 total pressures against KC, with a number of players contributing to that number.

Harold Landry in particular is putting together a monster campaign, becoming what the Titans had hoped he would coming out of Boston College. As long as Landry continues to build on the start of his season, we’re looking at the best season for a Titans pass rusher in the last decade.

Rashaan Evans… Making Plays?

Throughout the last two seasons, I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve watched Evans and just wonder what the hell he is doing on any given play. Shooting gaps to open rushing lanes, looking lost in coverage, you name it and Evans has probably done it. He’s been bad for the better part of the last two years. So believe me when I saw I was completely shocked to see Evans come up with not one, but TWO turnovers Sunday, one interception and one fumble recovery. I’m not going to go out and say this was a turnaround game for him, but he has been playing slightly better of late, and Sunday was the best he had played in years. If he can play as a serviceable LB, that will be huge for the Titans down the stretch.

Mike Vrabel And Co. Up To The Task Again

I saw a fantastic quoted on Twitter last night. ” Defend their best, survive the rest.” That should be the motto of Mike Vrabel and his staff. They’ve showed numerous times throughout his tenure that, when it comes to big games, they’re going to take away what you do well and make you beat them else where. Sunday was just another case of that/ KC thrives on two things, yards after catch and the deep ball. Up until garbage time, the Tians defense did a fantastic job of limiting YAC, and they only allowed Pat Mahomes four completions for longer than 10 yards. For a team that is as reliant on the deep ball as KC is, that is a fantastic job by a banged up secondary for the Titans of limiting that.

It’s Early, But Number One Seed In Sight?

The Titans are coming off of two huge wins in back to back weeks, and credit it due all around that team. Coaching, offense and defense all did their jobs Sunday, and it showed in the final score. The Titans will need to continue that trend with the divisional rival Indianapolis Colts rolling in looking to make up ground in the AFC South standings. They’re currently the number two see in playoff standings behind the Bengals, but they’re 5-2 as well. for all intents and purposes, the Titans control their own destiny. From here on out, they have two tough games coming up against the Colts and Rams, but after that they have one of the easier schedules in football. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but a number one seed in the playoffs should very well be on their radar.